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What do the Muzaffarnagar riots teach us about ourselves? It has been widely argued by political scientists that as incomes rise, communal discontent declines. So why should it be that the politicians remain so invested in actually fomenting communal trouble? A special debate on The Buck Stops Here.

Ruchir Sharma, Head of Global Macro and Emerging Markets at Morgan Stanley will present as part of the Brown-India Initiative Seminar

Listen to Nobel Laureate & Harvard Economist, Amartya Sen, speak about his new book.

The domestic origins of India's economic problems lie in the clash between democracy and capitalism.

Tucker's fusion of Indian Classical Music and Jazz is not to be missed! Reception to follow.

Professor Varshney asks the question, "Is India’s food security ordinance supportable?"

The numbers don't add up, without a pooling of anti-Congress votes.

Does Advani have a political or economic blueprint for a changing India?

The new video by Robert Schlagel '13 features great footage from the South Asian Studies conference Questioning Marginality: Dalits and Muslims in Urban India, which was held at Brown University from April 18-20, 2013.

The latest Almirah Radio podcast explores CAMP, an art-making space in Bombay, and the various creative projects of its members.