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The Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice (CSSJ) is a scholarly research center with a public educational mission.   Recognizing that racial and chattel slavery were central to the historical formation of the Americas, the CSSJ will create a space for the interdisciplinary study of:

  • historical forms of slavery
  • how the legacies of slavery shape our contemporary world 
  • contemporary forms of human bondage

To further this study, CSSJ will establish research programs designed to foster deeper understandings about the issues of justice, human rights, and freedom today.

The CSSJ is dedicated to a policy of global public engagement on the issues of slavery, human bondage, and justice.  We will explore these issues by:

  • convening public forums
  • intervening in national and international debates
  • developing collaborative partnerships  of research and activities with scholars, activists, individuals, and institutions committed to these issues. 
  • holding conferences and workshops around these issues

To learn more about the origins of CSSJ, please visit our history page.