Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice Staff

B. Anthony Bogues
Asa Messer Professor of Humanities and Critical Theory
Professor Africana Studies Department

Roquinaldo Ferreira
Associate Director
Vasca da Gama Associate Professor of Early Modern Portuguese History and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies 

Shana Weinberg
Assistant Director 

Ruth Clark
Outreach and Program Coordinator

Jennifer Page, Ph.D.
Ruth J. Simmons Post-Doctoral Fellow in Slavery and Justice 

Maiyah Gamble-Rivers
Reserach Assistant
Graduate Fellow for the Study of the Public History of Slavery

Faculty Advisory Board

Philip Gould

Nicholas Brown Professor of Oratory
and Belles Lettres

Chair, Department of English

Matthew Pratt Guterl

 Professor of Africana Studies and American Studies
Chair of American Studies

Françoise N. Hamlin
Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies 


Glenn C. Loury

Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences 

Marion Orr

Fred Lippitt Professor of Public Policy, Political Science and Urban Studies

Seth Rockman

Associate Professor of History