IACUC Open Hours

Mondays 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Office of Research Integrity, 2 Stimson Avenue, 3rd Floor

For anyone (students, faculty, staff) needing assistance with animal research related issues or any IACUC-related policy or procedure.


This should not replace the veterinary consultation investigators are required to have when conducting research involving potentially painful or distressful procedures (any in USDA Pain Category D or E), e.g., surgery. Open hours is designed to provide more basic information about the administrative and regulatory aspects of the IACUC as opposed to the in depth knowledge that you would get from one of our veterinarians concerning the care and treatment of the animals.


The Office of Research Integrity is located at 2 Stimson Avenue, Brown University, Box 1986, Providence, RI 02912. Phone: (401) 863-3050.

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