Selected Publications

Recent Posters

Fox, Neal (2012, March). Top-­down effects of syntactic category expectations on spoken word recognition.Poster presented at CUNY Conference on Sentence Processing 2012; City University of New York; New York, New York.

Bullock-Rest, N.E., Cerny, A., Sweeney, C., Palumbo, C., Kurowski, K., and Blumstein, Sheila (2011, October). Phonological Neighborhood Word Effects in Spoken Word Production in Aphasia. Poster presented at the
Academy of Aphasia Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

Guediche, S., Salvata, C., Stritof, J., Blumstein, S.E. (2010). The influence of sentence context on word categorization: an fMRI investigation. Poster presented at the Neurobiology of Language 2010 Annual Meeting, San Diego CA. 


Recent Chapters & Journal Articles

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