October 4, 2013

Ho and Heimer-McGinn give presentation at Wheeler School

Jonathan Ho and Victoria Heimer-McGinn gave a presentation in the Scientific Lecture Series at Wheeler School in Providence, RI. Jonathan and Victoria outlined their colorful career paths and gave the students a flavor of their research carried out in past and present laboratories. The students, ranging from high school freshmen to seniors, showed great interest in the lectures and were very welcoming to their guests. Shown are Jon on the left and Victoria on the right with Layla Kazemi, Sara Kazemi, and Kathleen Sai-Halasz.

September 3, 2013

Lisa Dokovna receives her Masters of Science in Psychology

Lisa completed her thesis entitled, "The Neural Basis of Attention: Interconnections of the Lateral Posterior Nucleus and Postrhinal Cortex of the Rat." Congratulations!

July 26, 2013

Kristin Marie Kerr Scaplen receives her PhD in Neuroscience

Kristin's thesis is entitled, "Landmark and object processing in the rodent hippocampal system: Implications for spatial memory." Her committee members were Julie Kauer, James Knierim, and David Sheinberg. Congratulations!

April 26, 2013

Jonathan Ho and Tara Jacobson win a grant from Plexon to publish in JoVE.

Jon and Tara submitted the  winning abstract titled “Getting the most out of your rats: fully automated cognitive tasks for recording neural activity using a floor projection maze.” Congratulations!