Lab Director

Eric Darling
Manning Assistant Professor of Medical Science, Orthopaedics, and Engineering
Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, & Biotechnology
Center for Biomedical Engineering

Research staff

Vera Fonseca
Research assistant

Graduate students

Olivia Beane
PhD candidate
Research area: Regenerative characteristics of MSCs

Hetal Marble
PhD candidate
Research area: mRNA biomarkers for MSC enrichment

Rafael Gonzalez-Cruz
PhD candidate
Research area: Spatiotemporal changes in MSC gene expression and mechanics

Manisha Kanthilal
PhD student
Research area: MSC mechanical biomarkers

Nick Labriola
PhD candidate
Research area: High-throughput, mechanical biomarker assessment

Bryan Sutermaster
PhD candidate
Research area: mRNA biomarkers for cell identification

Jess Sadick
PhD student
Research area: Neurogenic purification

Undergraduate students

Corey Holman

Bella Okiddy
Biomedical Engineering

Iris Pak
Biomedical Engineering

Juliette Randazza
Allison Silverman
Libby Stein