Alex Loosley

Alex J Loosley 



Phone (Lab): 401-863-1405

Alex Loosley: Biking next to the Charles River, BostonAlex Loosley: Biking next to the Charles River, Boston

Alex Loosley hails from Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he earned a B.Sc. in Physics and a minor in Business. During his senior year, he studied the role of positive feedback in biological oscillators with Prof. Eldon Emberly. Alex is now pursuing a Ph.D at Brown University under supervision and tutelage from Prof. Jay Tang's and Prof. Jonathan Reichner studying cellular traction forces and effects of substrate rigidity on cellular function.

Simon Fraser University (2003-2008) - B.Sc. - Physics
Brown University (2009-...) - Sc.M / Ph.D. - Physics

Research Interests:
Mechanobiology and Mechanical Models of Cell Locomotion
Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems 


  1. BPS Annual Meeting @ San Francisco, 2014.
    Quantification of Directional Motility by a Characteristic Directionality Time.
  2. BPS Mechanobiology @ MDIBL, 2013.
    Human Neutrophil Chemotaxis is a Function of Matrix Composition and Stiffness.


  1. Xian M O'Brien, Alex J Loosley, Katie E Oakley, Jay X Tang, and Jonathan S Reichner. 
    Technical Advance: Introducing a novel metric, directionality time, to quantify human neutrophil chemotaxis as a function of matrix composition and stiffness.
    J Leukocyte Biol, 95: ahead of print (2014) 
  2. Alex J Loosley and Jay Tang. 
    Stick-slip motion and elastic coupling in crawling cells.
    Phys Rev E, 86: 031908 (2012)


  1. Directed Migration Class - used for random walk simulations and kinematic analysis of cell motion