Profs. Wong, Kane and Hurt Awarded 2015 Research Seed Award

“The Office of the Vice President for Research makes these Seed Awards to support exceptional faculty research,” says David Savitz, Vice President for Research.  “These awards provide a foundation for future scholarly work and highlight Brown’s strength in tackling multidisciplinary challenges.”

Engineering Cell Morphology and Phenotype using Bioinspired Graphene Nanoarchitectures

PI: Ian Y. Wong, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering
Co-PIs: Agnes B. Kane, Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Robert H. Hurt, Professor, School of Engineering

(Distributed April 9, 2015)

Victoria Wu '15 Featured on Brown Webpage

Can art influence engineering? Victoria Wu ’15 thinks so.

“It’s damaging for someone to think that they’re restricted to being an expert in one field,” she says. “Communicating across disciplines is a really useful skill for anyone in this world. Your prior knowledge shouldn’t prevent you from learning something new.”

(Distributed March 19, 2015)
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