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The Pembroke Center at Brown University is an interdisciplinary research center that fosters critical scholarship on questions of gender and difference, broadly defined, in national and transnational contexts.

March 5-6: Exploring the Legacy of Louise Lamphere v. Brown University

Brown University Anthropology Department, 1970-71.Brown University Anthropology Department, 1970-71.To mark Brown’s 250th anniversary, the Pembroke Center re-examines Louise Lamphere v. Brown University, the landmark class action case that in 1975 charged Brown with sex discrimination and set in motion a chain of events that changed Brown.

The Lamphere Case: The Sex Discriminiation Lawsuit that Changed Brown The exhibit opened at 3:30 pm on Thursday, March 5 on the first floor of Pembroke Hall. The exhibit may be viewed here.

Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Women Presidents and the Changing University President Christina H. Paxson hosted a public roundtable in the Salomon Center on the Main Green, at 5:30 pm on Thursday, March 5.  View the video online.

Feminist Change and the University This symposium linked past and present feminist concerns, exploring the way feminist scholarship continues to change what students study, how knowledge is made in the contemporary university,  and the challenges and possibilities facing current and future generations of women at Brown. View videos from the symposium here.

(Distributed February 2, 2015)

March 6-8: National Diversity Summit

The Scholarship of Diversity and Inclusion in the Academy: Lessons Learned and the Work Ahead for Universities in the 21st Century

At this special convening of students, faculty, staff, alumni, thought leaders and innovators will explore how higher education engages in the work of developing and sustaining an increasingly diverse and inclusive academic community. Through plenary panel discussions, workshops, interactive seminars, and networking activities, we will engage in critical discussions that consider the broad range of identities, perspectives and experiences (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc.) represented in higher education institutions today, and how relevant research and scholarship informs the work of advancing diversity and inclusion in the academy. Please click here for more information.

(Distributed February 1, 2015)

March 8: The FLAME Conference - Brown University's 1st Feminist Conference for Rhode Island High School Students

The Pembroke Center is pleased to be a co-sponsor of The FLAME (Feminist Leadership and Mentorship for Equality) Conference. Taking place at Brown University on Sunday March 8th, 2015 (International Women’s Day), the conference will feature a variety of workshops run by Brown student groups and faculty. Some workshop topics include gender inequality in the workplace, intersectionality, healthy relationships, and sexuality. The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for feminist education to participants as well as to unite feminist-minded student groups at Brown.  Please click here for more information.

(Distributed February 1, 2015)
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