Get Involved

How can I get involved?

Stop by the Brown Design Workshop during open monitor hours (please check the calendar). A monitor will be happy to help you get started. Once you obtain certification in hand tools, power tools, and soldering, you’ll become a member with access to the general space and equipment during open hours (Monday-Friday 9-12, 2-5, 7-11, & Sunday 12-6). With certification in 3D printing and laser cutting, you will have access to the Digital Fabrication Shop during monitor hours (Weekdays 7-11pm and Sunday 12-6pm). See the below chart for more information. Note: members cannot use the laser cutter or 3D printers without monitor, manager, or staff supervision.

*Evening Hours are dependent on monitor availability—check the Calendar for available evening hours.

What is a monitor?

Monitors have 24/7 access including card swipe access to the digital fabrication shop, which houses the laser cutter and 3D printers, in exchange for dedicating at least one hour of their time each week to helping members with projects and keeping operations running smoothly in the space. Monitors must abide by all safety rules, especially the one prohibiting working alone. See Policies for additional information concerning the expectations and responsibilities of monitors.

How do I become a monitor?

Once a member, and are interesting in becoming a monitor please email directly for inquiries/openings. Becoming a monitor takes time and dedication, but the skills gained are tremendously rewarding. See the below chart for step by step instructions to become a monitor.

ALL PAID MONITOR POSITIONS ARE CURRENTLY FILLED. To be notified of any Head Monitor job openings, email to be put on the wait list.

Say that again?



What do members get?

Access to the Design Workshop’s facilities and general equipment during open hours (Monday-Friday 9-12, 2-5, 7-11, & Sunday 12-6) and the rapid prototyping equipment during monitor hours (Weekdays 7-11pm and Sunday 12-6pm).

How do I become a member?

  • Visit the Brown Design Workshop during monitor hours to get started.
  • Complete certification in hand tools, power tools, and soldering by
    1. attending hand tool, power tool, and soldering workshops*, or
    2. completing ENGN 0030, or
    3. demonstrating competence gained by prior experience (vetted by staff).
  • *Check the Calendar for available workshops.

What do monitors get?

Unlimited access to the Design Workshop’s facilities, equipment, and materials in exchange for at least two hours of monitoring per week. There are two types of monitors: Head Monitors are paid in exchange for more responsibilities and working hours each week, while regular Monitors are unpaid and volunteer their time for 24/7 access. See the Monitor Application for the going rate and Policies for more information concerning monitor’s responsibilities.

How do I become a monitor?

  • Email for inquiries/openings.
  • Work at least 5 hours on each of the sophisticated machines (laser cutter and 3D printer) under monitor or staff supervision.
  • Design and fabricate three objects that demonstrate skills using measuring tools, assembly tools, and the simple machines (drill press, band saw, jump shear, bench punch, finger brake, wire bender, etc.).
  • Be endorsed by two monitors and one staff member.

What's a manager and how do I become one?

Managers are paid to have all the responsibilities of a monitor, in addition to maintaining the website, publishing calendars, and scheduling class and workshop use of the space. You must me a monitor for at least one semester to become a manager. See Policies for more information.