"Pointless Machines" Workshop

On November 9, the Brown University STEAM Initiative hosted a "Pointless Machines" Workshop in the Prince Lab Makerspace. The workshop involved an introduction to Arduino through the exploration and creation of "pointless machines" taught by Gavin Atkinson.

(Distributed November 11, 2013)

Integrating Design Theory & the Scientific Process

by Hanna McPhee '14

I am sitting across the table from my thesis advisor. We stare at one another in silence, our faces reflecting equal levels of frustration. After a 15-minute debate on the differences between a parameter and a constraint, it has become apparent my advisor is an engineer, and I am not. My advisor and I meet weekly to discuss my research. Each week we inevitably hit a wall; expressing the same words, but interpreting them in entirely different ways. With a background in biology and design, my definition of details often do not align with an engineer’s. However, we both know the objectives of my thesis, and both want to work towards that goal (and diploma)

(Distributed October 25, 2013)

A Better World by Design MAKEaTHON

During A Better World by Design, a three-day conference at Brown University and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) that cultivates a global community of socially-conscious and passionate innovators, Motorola conducted three, tw0-hour workshops where students developed new products in the Prince Lab Makerspace. Check out the results on YouTube below.

(Distributed October 23, 2013)

"Lego As A Creative Tool" Workshop

On September 23, Lukas WinklerPrins '15, co-vice president of the Brown University STEAM Initiative, ran a workshop, "Lego As A Creative Tool" in the Makerspace in Prince Lab.

(Distributed September 24, 2013)

Light as Material

Students from Yale, Brown, Harvard, and RISD spent the day exploring the material properties of light. The workshop was hosted at the Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design and facilitated by Joe Zinter, Ian Gonsher, Beth Altringer, and Neils Cosman.

(Distributed June 20, 2013)
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