Geographic Information Systems Open House

Geographic Information Systems Open House

Please join the EARTHLab students for presentation of their final projects. Light refreshments served.

1:00 PM TO ~2:20 P.M.

Projects cover a variety of topics and demonstrate the broad reaching applications of GIS Technology. 

Titles are:

Reducing Combined Sewer Overflows: A Feasibility Analysis of Green Roofs in New York City

Determining bike share station suitability: Neighborhood factors affecting station popularity in New York

Who has access to Greenmarkets and Community Gardens in NYC?

Citibike: Green Tool or Public Hazard?

identifying the Best Trail Running Locations in Rhode Island

Observed trends and atmospheric forcing on the annual minimum of sea ice in the Eastern Arctic

Bike Share Station Location Analysis for the City of Providence

Battlefield Archaeology: Understanding the Pequot War, 1637

The Biogeography of Human and Animal Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Networks of Death: Determining the Best Route for the Relocation of the Friends Burial Ground

Identifying the Best Areas Along Major Highways to Collect NOx Gas in New York City

Economics Versus Ecology: Finding Evidence of an Environmental Kuznets Curve in Rhode Island

If Fukushima Happened Here: Simulating Radiation Plumes from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA

The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative: Improving Health and Housing Conditions in Dubuque, Iowa

Windfarms in Vermont and Rhode Island:  An Analysis of Two Sites

Which Roads are Scenic? A Determination of Qualifying Roads in Foxborough, Massachusetts

Evaluation of Extent of Impact Melts on Central Peaks of Lunar Impact Craters