ECI Faculty Affiliates

Susan Alcock
Director, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
Joukowsky Family Professor in Archaeology, Professor of Classics

Material culture of the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia

Linda Amaral Zettler
Associate Scientist, Marine Biological Laboratory

Patterns of microbial diversity and adaptation in extreme and marine environments

Douglas Anderson
Professor of Anthropology and Director, Laboratory for Circumpolar Studies

Archaeology, ethnography, hunter-gatherer ecology, environmental management in traditional societies, ethnonationalism, North America, Circum Arctic, Southeast Asia 

Mark Bertness (on sabbatical 2013-2014)
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Ecology and conservation biology of shoreline systems, particularly salt marshes and rocky shores; organization and dynamics of natural communities

Christopher Bull
Senior Research Engineer, Division of Engineering

Alternative transportation, sustainable design, neural recording and stimulation systems, and experimental mechanics

Zoe Cardon
Senior Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

How interactions among organisms and soils shape, and are shaped by, terrestrial biogeochemistry

Steven Clemens
Associate Professor, Geological Sciences

Use of the marine and terrestrial geologic record to understand the history and dynamics of global climate and environmental change

Linda Deegan
Senior Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Relationships between ecosystem dynamics and animal populations, especially in aquatic and marine ecosystems

Erika Edwards
Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
The Edwards Lab

Plant evolution and function, especially in arid environments

Andrew Foster
Director, Population Studies Training Center
Professor, Economics; Professor of Community Health

Economic growth in rural India, exploring such issues as growth in the non-farm economy, the effects of local democratization, groundwater usage, forest cover, household structure, inequality, and schooling

Baylor Fox-Kemper
Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences

Understanding and modeling the physics of oceans and climate

Anne Giblin
Senior Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Cycling of elements in the environment, especially the biogeochemistry of nitrogen, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus

Meredith Hastings
Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences
Assistant Professor, Environmental Change Initiative

Atmospheric transformation, transport, and deposition of nitrogen emissions (as from fossil fuel burning)

Timothy Herbert
Professor and Chair, Geological Sciences

Understanding how the earth's climatic system, particularly the ocean, adjusts itself to perturbation on various timescales

Yongsong Huang
Professor of Geological Sciences

Development and application of organic isotope geochemistry to problems in the environment, paleoclimate, paleohydrology, and astrobiology

Julie Huber
Associate Scientist, Josephine Bay Paul Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Microbial ecology of deep-sea crustal habitats

James R. Kellner
Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Combining environmental remote sensing with field studies, quantitative methods, and modeling to address questions in basic and applied tropical forest ecology from ecological and evolutionary perspectives

Jung-Eun Lee
Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences

Climate dynamics from biogeochemical signatures

Heather Leslie
Peggy and Henry D. Sharpe Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology

Ecology and conservation science of coastal and marine systems; ecosystem-based management

John Logan
Professor, Sociology
Director, Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences(S4)

Social impacts of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast,  neighborhood change and individual mobility in U.S. cities from 1880 to1920, social change in China, especially impacts of market transition

Mark Lurie
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Social epidemiology, conservation medicine, the role of migration in the spread of HIV in South Africa

Catherine Lutz
Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Family Professor of Anthropology and International Studies; Research Professor, Watson Institute for International Studies

Cultural and political economic factors driving motorization rates and car dependence

Amanda Lynch
Director, Environmental Change Initiative
Professor of Geological Sciences

Application of climate and meteorological research to concrete problems of policy relevance

Stephen McGarvey
Professor of Epidemiology

Human population biology and international health

Jerry Melillo
Senior Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Human activities and the biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems

Douglass Morse
Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Behavioral ecology: foraging, life history variables, and sexual selection

John Mustard
Professor, Geological Sciences
Professor, Center for Environmental Studies

Land Use-Land Cover Change research and applications of remote sensing in environmental science

Sriniketh Nagavarapu
Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies ,

Environmental and labor economics, primarily in developing countries; linkages between individual decision-making, environmental forces, and poverty alleviation

Christopher Neill
Director, The Brown-MBL Graduate Program in Biological and Environmental Sciences
Director, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Effects of changes in land use and other human activities on the structure of ecosystems and the ways that ecosystems cycle nutrients and organic matter

Stephen Porder
Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Global biogeochemistry with regional emphasis on tropical forests, the interface between geology and ecology,  land use change and agriculture in tropical ecosystems

Warren Prell
Professor of Geological Science

Global-scale paleoceanography and local-scale estuarine oceanography

David Rand
Chair and Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Molecular ecology and evolution, co-evolution of nuclear and mitochondrial genomes, and speciation

Edward Rastetter
Senior Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Ecosystem modeling, ecosystem stoichiometry, particularly the constraints imposed by carbon-nutrient interactions on ecosystem productivity and carbon accumulation

Jeremy Rich
Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry -- especially nitrogen cycling in estuarine and marine environments, molecular techniques to unravel the relationship between microbial diversity and biogeochemical processes

Timmons Roberts
Professor of Sociology

Climate change equity and adaptation

James Russell
Associate Professor, Geological Sciences

Patterns and causes of natural climate variability using paleoclimate records, climate history of the tropics, paleoclimate reconstructions using lake sediments

Dov Sax
Director, Center for Environmental Studies
Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Biogeography, assisted migration, species movements, climate change and biodiversity

Johanna Schmitt
Adjunct Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University
Professor of Evolution and Ecology, University of California, Davis

Ecological and genomic mechanisms of plastic responses and evolutionary adaptation to environmental change

Gaius Shaver
Senior Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Plant growth and nutrition, and in the role of plants in ecosystem element cycles

Katherine Smith
Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Conservation Medicine; Disease Ecology; Biogeography; Global Environmental Change

Jianwu (Jim) Tang
Assistant Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Terrestrial ecosystem ecology, soil biogeochemistry, and global change ecology, with a focus on ecosystem carbon and nitrogen cycles

Joseph Vallino
Senior Scientist, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Modeling and experimental investigation of microbial processing of organic and inorganic materials, primarily in estuarine and coastal systems.

Leah VanWey
Associate Director, Population Studies and Training Center
Associate Professor, Sociology

Small landholder decision making in developing countries. Landholder decisions affect deforestation and land management choices with a strong influence on the terrestrial carbon sink.

Thompson Webb
Professor Emeritus, Geological Sciences

Paleoecology and paleoclimatology. Pollen and lake sediment records of climate change. Records of land-falling hurricanes, vegetation change in North America

Gregory Wellenius
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Associate Director, Center for Environmental Health and Technology

Human health effects of environmental pollution; air pollution; cardiovascular epidemiology; epidemiologic methods

Michael White
Professor, Sociology

Population and the environment, ethnic residential segregation, migration, historical infant mortality, and immigration

Jon Witman
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Population and community ecology, oceanography, and marine biology. Ocean acidification, coral adaptation