Digitizing the Brown University Herbarium

The Brown University Herbarium is part of a regional effort to digitize all specimens from herbaria across New England. This project is made possible with funding from the National Science Foundation (Digitization TCN: Mobilizing New England Vascular Plant Specimen Data to Track Environmental Change). Once complete, data for close to 1.3 million specimens will be available online. Users will be able to see collection information and view high resolution images of specimens from all over New England. Undergraduate students are involved in all aspects of the project at Brown and have digitized over 5,000 specimens over the past few months.

Undergraduates Sam Wickham ('14) and Miranda Norlin ('17) are part of the digitization teamUndergraduates Sam Wickham ('14) and Miranda Norlin ('17) are part of the digitization team 














Once complete, the data can be used to investigate many ecological questions relavent to New England. Some examples include the effects of climate change on phenological events and the influence of shifting land use on species' distributions. Click here to search the online database. Select all participating herbaria or just Brown University and then click "Next" to enter your search terms.

Click here to download a poster that summarizes the digitizing activities at Brown's herbarium

Carex rostrata from Providence, collected in 1947Carex rostrata from Providence, collected in 1947