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The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in History, Literature, Film

Course Code: COLT 0811U CRN: 60001

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An examination of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the lens of cultural production. We will read literature and film in combination with historical texts, exploring how cultural producers have responded to key events from the partition of Palestine in 1947 until the second Intifada. We will examine the way that novels, poetry, documentaries and films provide us with humanistic and alternative narratives on Israeli-Palestinian relations, exploring issues including nationalism, race, gender, colonialism, ethics, war and political resistance. We will examine the tension between historical and artistic production, analyzing how film and literature challenge, re-imagine and supplement historical and political accounts.

Course Status:

7 weeks:
Jun 23, 2014 - Aug 8, 2014
M,W,TH 4P-6:40P

C. Morgenstern

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