Emergency Medical Services

For emergencies or urgent medical care, call 401-863-4111(3-4111 from a campus phone-indicated around campus by blue lights; you may also choose to use the red emergency button at these phones). Emergency medical personnel (EMS) will be available at major campus functions throughout the weekend and will be happy to assist you.

Brown Health Services, located at Andrews House at 13 Brown Street (F9), will be open Friday from 9-5, Saturday 9-4, and Sunday from 9 to noon. 24-hour nursing advice is available by calling 401-863-1330.

Public Safety emergency services

The Brown University police dispatch emergency personnel and coordinate all emergency services. Call 401 863-4111 (3-4111 from a campus phone) or activate the red emergency button on the campus phones (indicated by blue lights) to obtain help in any emergency in the Brown community. To report a non-emergency, or to seek other assistance from the Brown University police, call 401 863-3322 (extension 3-3322 from any campus phone.)