What is Brown on iTunes U?

Brown on iTunes U is a pilot project launched in May 2009. It is a way of sharing video and audio files with people -- all over the world -- by using the Apple iTunes store. The audio and video files are stored by Apple Computer (not Brown University). Users must have Apple's free iTunes software installed to access the video and audio files. Users may find the content by searching or browsing the Apple iTunes store. The content is available free, and people can easily add the content to their Apple-branded portable multimedia device (ie, iPod).

Why participate in Brown on iTunes U?

Brown on iTunes U  provides a secondary, supplemental opportunity to widely distribute digital lectures, music, performances and more that convey academic and intellectual opportunities at Brown. It is not meant to replace other methods of distributing material (for example, embedding content on the brown.edu web site). But it is a way to reach a different audience, an audience that might not usually visit brown.edu. Using iTunes U also makes it easy for users to put material on their iPod or iPhone.

Do I need iTunes software on my computer to access this material?

Yes. Download the latest version of iTunes from the iTunes web site. iTunes is free software which will run on Windows-based PCs and Apple's OS X.

How do I visit Brown on iTunes U?

Start by viewing our portal page in your browser. Then click the big gray button for Brown on iTunes U. This should open the iTunes application, and Brown on iTunes U will display there. If it fails in a non-Safari browser, try opening in Safari.

What materials are appropriate for iTunes U?

Brown on iTunes U presents audio and video content that conveys the depth and breadth of Brown University. Intended for a broad public audience, Brown on iTunes U is also available for instructors who wish to make class materials available to the general public. Please note that materials on Brown on iTunes U are not password protected. For an iTunes U presence with restricted access for instructional use related to a course, please contact ITG. For more information on content policies, see our policy guidelines.

What if Brown on iTunes U content infringes on copyright protection?

Any party asserting that content presented on Brown on iTunes U infringes on copyright activities should contact iTunesPublic@Brown.edu.

What if Brown on iTunes U content infringes on intellectual property rights?

Brown University does not permit infringement of intellectual property rights on Brown on iTunes U. Any party asserting that content presented on Brown on iTunes U infringes on the intellectual property rights of others should contact iTunesPublic@Brown.edu.

How do I report inappropriate content on Brown on iTunes U?

Please contact iTunesPublic@Brown.edu.

Is Brown's content part of the iTunes Music Store?

Not yet. After the pilot project ends, however, Brown content will be available in the iTunes Store via the iTunes U section.

How long will material remain on Brown on iTunes U?

Although most public content on Brown on iTunes U is intended to remain indefinitely, there is no guarantee of how long files will remain on iTunes U. Therefore, Brown on iTunes U should not be considered a permanent archive for audio and video. Individual contributors are responsible for the preservation of their content.

May I link to my iTunes material from my web site or an e-mail?

Yes. Within iTunes, right-click the link that you would like to share.  Select "Copy iTunes Store URL"; then paste the URL into the document that you intend to share.  Alternately, you may be able to drag the link from iTunes into an email or a text editor, and the URL will appear.  You can copy links to pages, tabs, or even single files.

How may I upload content?

Individual contributors may arrange to send audio and/or video files for upload by contacting iTunesPublic@Brown.eduto arrange delivery of material via email, CD/DVD, or memory stick. Please indicate the format file to the best of your knowledge.  Common audio filetypes are: WAV, AIFF, or MP3.  Common video filetypes are: WMV, MPEG, AVI or MOV.  If your file is in a different format (check the file extension — the letters after the dot in the filename), please contact iTunesPublic@brown.edu to request information on converting your file into an easily readable format.

If you have an ongoing series with a consistent theme, then you are a podcaster, who may request direct access to Brown on iTunes U. Send an email to iTunesPublic@Brown.eduwith your request, describing the content you wish to post, which entity at Brown you represent (center, club, department, etc) and the names of everyone in your team you want to be able to post content to your iTunes U space.

What format should my video / audio be in?

See our technical guidelines.


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