Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Foster greater diversity among students, faculty, and staff

Action Taken

  • Joined Talent Quest, a multifaceted program to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in the college application process
  • Reserved 25 of 100 new faculty positions for target-of-opportunity program; president and provost developed the criteria and process for appointments
  • Made further improvements in both undergraduate and graduate student financial aid, making a Brown education more accessible to low- and middle-income students
  • Revised the faculty and staff hiring processes to ensure greater efforts to attract diverse applicant pools
  • Expanded diversity recruitment efforts in the Graduate School
  • Implemented targeted program for women in physical sciences
  • Extended the Talent Quest program
  • Created a plan, with funding from the president, for increasing the diversity of coaches and other staff in athletics
  • Continued to recruit faculty under the general Plan for Academic Enrichment target-of-opportunity program
  • Allocated funding to increase aid for undergraduate international students beginning with the Class of 2011
  • Achieved broader diversity among coaches and other staff in athletics by following the plan created by the athletic director and funded by the president
  • Initiated planning for a Brown/Tougaloo Early Identification Program for Master of Public Health students
  • Employed alumni to enhance recruitment of African American students
  • Revamped Third World Welcome program
  • Developed a diversity plan for Brown’s Facilities Management, including modified hiring strategies and partnering with a local agency to staff construction projects with a diverse workforce
  • Conducted diversity advisory board lecture for deans in the College and Student Life on engaging across diverse groups
  • Completed Affirmative action Plans for 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11
  • Participated in the review of faculty appointments with DOF
  • Assessed the effect of the PAE and the Target of Opportunity hiring on faculty diversity at Brown.  In the fall of 2011, as a result of the PAE/Target program:
    • Thirty-three percent of all incremental hires are women and 25 percent are minorities.  Under the Target program, 35 new faculty have been recruited, of which 21 are women and 15 are minorities
    • The proportion of female faculty in the physical sciences has risen from 9 percent to 15 percent since 2011-02. For 2011-12, two of the eight new hires in the physical sciences are women
    • The proportion of minority faculty increased from 15 percent in 2001-02 to 19 percent and the proportion of women increased from 29 to 33 percent in that same period
  • Implemented Affirmative Action Plan awareness training for managers

Action Needed

  • Continue to develop more prospects for the target-of-opportunity program through the associate provost and director of institutional diversity and the academic departments
  • Continue improvements in financial aid
  • Focus faculty recruiting goals on departments which have been less successful in recruiting a diverse faculty
  • Develop prospects for target of opportunity faculty recruiting for the new School of Engineering


  • President
  • Provost
  • Associate Provost and Director of Institutional Diversity
  • Vice President for Human Resources

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