Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Provide support for managing diversity on campus

Action Taken

  • Created a diversity office to coordinate and lead Brown’s diversity efforts
  • Reviewed and strengthened diversity training programs
  • Created a committee to address campus climate issues
  • Completed a discrimination and harassment policy
  • Piloted a diversity development plan with Department of Public Safety
  • Expanded the duties of the director of Disability Support Services to encompass students, faculty, and staff; created new position to assist the director
  • Created and filled new position of faculty ombudsperson
  • Rolled out training on new discrimination and harassment policy
  • Competed for and won a $3 million NSF grant to support women faculty in the sciences
  • Established the Campus Access Advisory subcommittee of the Diversity Advisory Board
  • Increased number of programs on diversity in residence halls
  • Created LGBTQ Resource Center in 2004
  • Designated some residence hall bathrooms as gender neutral
  • Established LGBTQ subcommittee of Diversity Advisory Board
  • Appointed Dean for Orientation and Diversity Initiatives in Office of Campus Life and Student Services
  • Increased number of minority peer counselors in residence halls
  • Increased funding for programming in the Third World Center, Sarah Doyle Center, LGBTQ Resource Center
  • Revamped Diversity Training Program for student leaders
  • Launched faculty development program
  • Surveyed department chairs about faculty development needs
  • Expanded Third World Center Leadership Development Program
  • Created position of Coordinator of Disability Support Services
  • Established ombudsperson position as permanent
  • Surveyed student communities to identify areas of need for diversity support and programming
  • Established sexual assault advisory board for review of policy, services, and new initiatives
  • Launched 24-hour sexual assault response phone line
  • Secured funding for new position of Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator
  • Established emergency child-care program for faculty and staff
  • Expanded sexual harassment training for administrative staff
  • Developed a program of peer and staff support specifically for students who are first in their family to attend college
  • Expanded diversity training for staff through monthly discussions with student panels and invited speaker events focused on aspects of the student experience
  • Created Family Friendly Policies Web site
  • Conducted accessible parking study
  • Created new Facilities Management advancement opportunities, including Trades Summer Program
  • Celebrated fifth year of LGBTQ Resource Center with programming involving students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Documented contributions by OID to leverage support for student activities related to diversity across the campus
  • Established new application system to process the requests for support
  • Normalized amounts granted to appropriate resources more equitably across the community
  • Reconstituted and updated the Diversity Advisory Council
  • Created workgroups for committee action
    • Admissions
    • Student success
    • Completion
  • Co-sponsored nearly 40 student activities and events related to diversity
  • Reviewed multiple providers for selection of an on-line training resources for sexual harassment/discrimination prevention training for faculty and staff
  • Launched new Diversity Training Series and trained 300+ employees
  • Revised Staff Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment policy

Action Needed

  • Review and enhance resources for conflict resolution
  • Expand use of a model for a staff diversity development program
  • Establish a monthly forum to discuss campus climate
  • Propose opportunities for faculty to engage in conversations about diversity issues in the classroom
  • Propose vehicles for addressing the role of diversity in the residential life system
  • Select and implement an on-line sexual harassment prevention training program for the campus community


  • Vice President for Human Resources
  • Associate Provost and Director of Institutional Diversity

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