Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Continue to develop distinctive, high-proļ¬le multidisciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs

Action Taken

  • Established professional master’s degree programs in public affairs, public policy, urban education policy, and public humanities
  • Continued planning efforts to develop new programs with the Division of Engineering and the Watson Institute
  • Established a new seminar series, “The Academy in Context,” to facilitate a greater sense of community among graduate students and to engage them in a broader discussion of graduate education. The series, cosponsored by Campus Life and Student Services and the Graduate Student Council, focused on ethics in research and scholarship in its inaugural year

Action Needed

  • Continue to develop new programs
  • Review the University’s curricular offerings in international studies to identify promising new opportunities
  • Explore new approaches to the undergraduate curriculum and to professional masters-level education in engineering and related areas as part of the planning for the development of the newly established School of Engineering
  • Continue the development of newly proposed departments within Public Health as part of the development of a comprehensive proposal for the establishment of a School of Public Health
  • Develop a program for doctoral students to pursue additional training in a secondary field


  • Provost
  • Dean of the Graduate School
  • Graduate Council

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