Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Expand and improve existing complementary relationships with other institutions, and develop new ones

Action Taken

  • Established a new affiliation with the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, including graduate programs, research collaborations, and faculty exchanges
  • Formed the Committee on Inter-Institutional Collaborations to enhance Brown-RISD relations; began planning potential new Brown-RISD academic programs and research collaborations
  • Launched new graduate programs in acting and directing through the Brown/Trinity Repertory Company consortium
  • Developed a partnership with NIH to offer a new graduate program in neuroscience starting in fall 2005
  • Launched new Brown/RISD Web site ( in December 2004 to explore, promote, and develop collaborations among Brown and RISD faculty, students, and staff
  • Hosted a summit of leaders from industrial laboratories, academia, and government in May 2004 to address the future of corporate research and the role of universities
  • Formed a partnership with Providence VA Medical Center and MIT to conduct research on restoring arm and leg function to amputees
  • Established a joint Brown-RISD committee to develop a proposal for a new A.B./B.F.A. program
  • Assisted in recruitment of Curt Columbus as artistic director of Trinity Repertory Company and a key leader in Brown-Trinity Consortium
  • Established in June 2006 a collaborative research relationship with Oak Ridge National Laboratory focused on materials science
  • Implemented videoconferencing arrangements between Applied Mathematics and Paris VI for graduate seminars
  • Introduced wiki tools (Web-based collaboration) to improve effectiveness of teaching, research, and administration
  • Launched major initiative in fall 2006 to enhance Brown’s presence in international higher education. Initial efforts included increasing financial aid to undergraduate international students, appointing David Kennedy as Brown’s first vice president for international affairs, reviewing current curricular offerings, forming advisory councils, and expanding existing programs for faculty and student exchange, international research programs, international internships for students, and other joint international activities
  • Secured Corporation approval in May 2007 for a joint Brown-RISD A.B./Sc.B./B.F.A program
  • Established new relationship with Zhejang University in October 2007
  • Established Adobe Connect Pilot to explore the use of technology to enable faculty, students, and staff to work together remotely
  • Became new home for Museum Loan Network, an innovative program that provides access to objects of cultural heritage, strengthens museum networks, and supports education across many disciplines
  • Established a new Brown/RISD collaboration, named CHiL for College Hill Libraries
  • Mounted a major exhibit and Web site featuring the library's McLellan Lincoln Collection that commemorated the bicentennial birth year (2009) of Abraham Lincoln; established a relationship between the library and Hildene, the Vermont summer estate of Robert Todd Lincoln, to undertake joint efforts that highlight the McLellan Collection's major academic and research capabilities
  • Established new relationship with Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Established a partnership with Spain’s Institute Empresa, one of Europe’s leading business schools, to further research and teaching opportunities in Brown’s Commerce, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship (COE) program and the Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME)
  • Established new relationship with Zhejiang University involving exchange of medical students and faculty
  • Established new relationship with Nanjing University involving faculty research collaboration
  • Admitted first cohort of Brown-RISD dual degree students from a pool of more than 300 applicants
  • Expanded applicant pool of Brown-RISD dual degree students, and in 2009-10 admitted second cohort of 19 students from a pool of 400 applicants. Of these 15 students enrolled. For 2010-11 admitted a cohort of 20 students from a pool of nearly 500 applicants.  Of these 16 will enroll with the class of 2014.
  • Expanded research collaboration with Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) through the appointment of Chris Neill as director of the Brown/MBL program and the appointment of four MBL faculty to three month appointments at Brown
  • With Draper Labs, built out a ten-member consortium of utilities, not for profit labs, and universities to address major energy research problems facing the US
  • Founded the Ocean State Consortium of Advanced Resources to help support statewide collaborative projects designed to address grand challenge issues facing the state and the nation
  • Created the RI Consortium for Nanoscience with the University of Rhode Island
  • Signed a MOU with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) to explore environmental informatics and science of massive data
  • In collaboration with the University of Rhode Island and the City of Providence established an energy pilot  called Green the Knowledge District to build sustainability strategies in Providence’s downtown district
  • In collaboration with the City of Providence and OSCAR received IBM Smarter City Award,  highlighting the use of data to solve infrastructure problems in the city
  • In collaboration with the Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network (OSHEAN), supported the successful $21.7M effort to bring affordable broadband capacity to region

Action Needed

  • Explore the expansion of Brown’s existing programs for faculty and student exchange, international research programs, international internships, and other joint international activities
  • Finalize Draper Energy Center – a center to advance energy research, opportunities and collaboration across the state to enhance economic development
  • TVO, the Medical School, RI-CIE will collaborate with academia, hospitals, and industry to support the development of a life science hub in Providence, starting with a Life Science Showcase in fall of 2011


  • Provost
  • Academic Priorities Committee
  • Vice President for Computing and Information Services/CIO
  • Vice President for Research

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