Taxes, Voluntary Payments & Fees

Brown is one of the largest taxpayers in the city. From July 2012-June 2013, the University will pay more than $7.9 million to the city in voluntary and property tax payments and more than $2.1 million in water, sewer other fees.

Voluntary Payments and Taxes (FY 12)
Payment Type Amount (rounded to nearest 000)
Voluntary Payment (2003 MOU) $1,200,000*
Payment (2012 MOA)** $3,900,000
Voluntary Payment (on properties used for educational purposes purchased since 2003) $1,274,000
Total Payment $6,374,000
Taxes paid on taxable property (not used for educational purposes) $1,128,000
Taxes paid on leased property $466,000
Total Taxes Paid $1,594,000
Total Voluntary Payment and Taxes $7,968,000
Fees (FY 11)
Payment Type Amount (rounded to nearest 000)
Narragansett Bay Commission (sewer utility fees) $1,257,000
City of Providence Water Supply (water utility fees) $785,000
Other City and State fees $73,000
Total Fees $2,115,000

*The voluntary payment under the MOU increases 1.5% each year.

**under the 2012 MOA Brown will provided the City $31.5 million over 11 years.

Total Brown payments to City under 2003 MOU since its inception: $11.5 M

Tax Exempt Facts

  • Percent of all assessed property that is tax exempt: 38%
  • Percent of assessed property value that is owned by private colleges and universities: 8.1%

PILOT Payment Facts

  • Payments to Providence under state-funded PILOT program: $23.1 Million
  • Portion of PILOT payments attributable to Brown University: 32% or $7.39 M
  • Brown’s payments to Providence plus state PILOT for Brown’s presence: $11.89 M

Buildings used for educational purposes on which Brown makes tax payments

  • 222 Richmond (Alpert Medical School)
  • 43 Elm Street (Public Safety)
  • 121 S. Main (Public Health, ICERM)
  • 200 Dyer Street (Office of Continuing Education)
  • 94 Waterman (Center for Computing and Visualization)

Properties returned to tax rolls since 2007

05/09/11 117 Brown Street
04/30/10 277 Brook Street
03/05/10 129 Brown Street
09/09/09 86 Brown Street
04/29/09 66-68 Benevolent
10/10/08 86-110 S. Main
11/16/07 1140 N. Main

last updated 7/3/2012