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Brown University's three schools - the Graduate School, the Medical School, and the undergraduate College - share an educational philosophy based on three guiding principles:

  • Students are active participants in learning.
  • Acquiring analytical skills is as important as mastering factual knowledge.
  • Learning requires opportunities for experimentation and cross-disciplinary synthesis.

These principles are grounded in Brown's long tradition of providing its undergraduate and graduate students with rigorous and demanding academic experience that expands their intellectual horizons and prepares them for promising careers in the field of their choice.

The Graduate School at Brown is a national leader in the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. Today, more than 1,400 graduate students are earning advanced degrees in - disciplines and participating in exciting research opportunities. In 2003, Brown celebrated its first century of granting graduate degrees.

Brown Medical School, which awarded its first M.D. degrees in 1975, is renowned for innovation in medical education and for its programs in family medicine and primary care. The Medical School enrolls more than 300 students, most of whom are accepted through Brown's unique Program in Liberal Medical Education, which combines undergraduate study with professional studies in medicine.

The undergraduate College at Brown is internationally known for its dynamic and demanding curriculum. While the curriculum does not have distribution requirements or required courses outside the individual student's academic concentration, undergraduates, with advice and counsel from faculty and staff, experience a rigorous academic program within their areas of concentration. Students are encouraged to pursue their intellectual interests, choosing among more than 2,000 academic courses that support more than 100 concentrations, many of them multidisciplinary.

Brown draws men and women from throughout the United States and dozens of other countries. They are distinguished by their academic excellence, creativity, self-direction, leadership and enthusiasm for a collaborative style of learning.

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