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Distributed November 29, 1995
Contact: Tracie Sweeney

Six-university Venture Consortium names Peggy Chang its new director

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The Board of Directors of the Venture Consortium has named Peggy Chang as the Consortium's new director effective Dec. 15. Chang has been the coordinator of Brown University's Resource Center since 1994.

The six-university Venture Consortium, based at Brown University, develops and operates programs that offer students a variety of opportunities away from college to engage in both work and study that can enhance their future education and career directions. The member schools are Bates College, Brown University, College of the Holy Cross, Swarthmore College, Vassar College and Wesleyan University.

Chang, a 1993 graduate of Brown, previously worked for the New York Theatre Workshop and Doubleday Book Shops before coming to Brown as coordinator of the Resource Center. The Resource Center, used by nearly 1,000 Brown students a year, promotes student-initiated and community-based learning, including Venture Consortium programs.

The Venture Consortium

For many students, the college experience means following a traditional path: four years of lectures, labs, libraries and campus-based events before heading into the "real world."

But an increasing number of students opt for alternative routes to a college degree and may seek to incorporate applied experience or take time off to test career options or clarify personal priorities before completing their education. What the Venture Consortium has tried to do since its inception in 1973 "is remind students that there are ways to explore and be creative with their education," Chang says.

Schools that are members of the Venture Consortium understand the value of learning that takes place outside the classroom and recognize that by helping students from Consortium schools construct meaningful leaves of absence, 95 percent of the students will return to campus reenergized and with clear goals in mind.

Programs of the Venture Consortium include: