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Distributed March 4, 1996
Contact: Linda Mahdesian

Brown Community for Learning in Retirement announces springcourses

The Brown Community for Learning in Retirement (BCLIR) will launch its spring semester with a convocation and luncheon at noon Monday, March 11, in Alumnae Hall. The semester begins Monday, March 18.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The Brown Community for Learning in Retirement (BCLIR) will kick off its spring semester at a noon convocation and buffet lunch at Alumnae Hall, on Meeting Street in Providence, Monday, March 11 at noon. The spring courses will begin the following Monday, March 18. Susan Gerbi, chairperson of the Department of Molecular Biology at Brown, will speak at the convocation, discussing new information emerging in the field of genetics.

BCLIR consists of approximately 100 retirees with a wide variety of backgrounds, who have a common interest in acquiring more information on a wide range of subjects, chosen by the members themselves. Eight different subjects are offered for a period of 12 weeks in each of two semesters each year. Classes are conducted on a collaborative basis and each participant shares knowledge acquired about the topic during the course.

Topics for this spring are "The Self," "Biography," "The New Genetics," "The Overture, "The United States and World War II," "Electing the President of the United States," "Shakespeare Revisited," and "Oral Interpretation of Drama - Workshop."

Seminar members pay a tuition each semester or for the entire academic year and are entitled to participate in more than 100 other courses offered evenings or weekends by the Brown Learning Community. Members also participate in field trips, dinners and other social events. Certain Brown facilities are available for BCLIR members, such as the University libraries.

Anyone interested in joining BCLIR or attending the convocation and luncheon may call 401/863-3452.