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Distributed May 9, 1996
Contact: Tracie Sweeney

Commencement 1996

Senior class honors two faculty members with Hazeltine Citations

Barbara Tannenbaum, senior lecturer in Theatre, Speech and Dance, and Marjorie Thompson, associate dean of biological sciences, will receive Hazeltine Citations at Commencement Monday, May 27.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Each year since 1973, Brown University's graduating class selects members of the faculty to receive Barrett Hazeltine Citations, expressions of respect and appreciation for people with whom the classes have worked most closely.

This year's recipients are Barbara Tannenbaum, senior lecturer in the Department of Theatre, Speech and Dance and Marjorie Thompson, associate dean of biological sciences (undergraduate education).

Tannenbaum has taught communication at Brown since 1970. She is involved in a wide array of activities and advising for the University and community. Her citation reads:

We honor you, Professor Tannenbaum, as someone who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to being an outstanding teacher, advisor and mentor, you selflessly and generously open your office, your home and your heart to your students. In your communication classes, you create a warm supportive environment based on mutual respect; an environment where every individual thrives. Your enthusiasm, inspiration and dedication are contagious. By believing in us, you have taught us to believe in ourselves.

Thompson has been an educator at Brown since 1975. She currently directs the Undergraduate Affairs Office, which provides biology students with counseling, course and research planning, career and graduate school consultation. She also helps oversee curricular development in the undergraduate biological and research programs. Her citation reads:

With vibrance, you impart the love of life to its students. Your energy, encouragement, and support allow us to soar and reconsider ourselves with respect to the living world around us. Your superlative commitment to teaching, curricular reform, and student research has afforded every student of biology a fresh and varied perspective that transcends facts and figures and looks toward original thought and intuition.

The Barrett Hazeltine Citations, originally called Senior Citations, were renamed in 1985 in honor of the engineering professor who had received the award 13 times.