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Distributed January 24, 1997
Contact: Linda Mahdesian

World leaders debate global stability in Brown Journal of World Affairs

The student-published Brown Journal of World Affairs Winter/Spring 1997 issue will feature government officials and other experts offering their appraisal of global security in the post-Cold War world. The issue will be in bookstores Feb. 3, 1997.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Former General Secretary of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, Professor Richard Falk of Princeton, South African Minister of Foreign Affairs H. E. Alfred B. Nzo, Professor Graham T. Allison of Harvard; Professor John Waterbury, director of the School of International Studies at Princeton, and Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima are among the list of prominent contributors who will engage in debate in the Winter/Spring 1997 issue of the Brown Journal of World Affairs, due in bookstores nationwide Monday, Feb. 3, 1997.

The 350-page issue will focus on two topics: the spread of weapons of mass destruction in the Third World and the future of European security. Authors will discuss regional stability after the Cold War, including the relevance of traditional theories of nuclear deterrence. Also addressed will be the changing nature of European security in today's international relations, including the precarious relationship between security policies and the politics of culture. More than ten scholars, government officials and policy makers from throughout the world will contribute to each section, providing readers with a well-developed, multi-faceted debate.

As in every issue, the Brown Journal of World Affairs will also include an essay section on a variety of topics. The upcoming issue will include articles on how the spread of disease influences foreign policy, the U.S. role as a dominant international economic force, the combined impact of the Information Revolution and globalization on states and their societies, and water rights in the Nile basin.

Founded in 1993 and published by Brown students on a volunteer basis, the Brown Journal of World Affairs provides a forum for world leaders, prominent academicians, journalists, activists and business leaders to discuss contemporary issues. The Journal, which is published twice a year, provides its broad readership with vigorous debates on the most salient topics in international affairs, responding to the need for a multi-faceted appraisal of the changing world.