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Distributed February 6, 1997
Contact: Mark Nickel

Campus Advisory Committee named to help in selection of 17th president

President Vartan Gregorian has announced the 13 members of the campus Advisory Committee that will assist the Brown Corporation in selecting Brown's 17th president.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Addressing a regular meeting of the Brown University faculty Tuesday, Feb. 5, President Vartan Gregorian announced the membership of a special campus Advisory Committee that will assist the Brown Corporation in selecting the University's 17th president. Creation of the 13-member committee - six faculty, two administrators and five students (three undergraduates, one graduate, one medical) - had been authorized by the Corporation's Advisory and Executive Committee on Jan. 17.

At its first meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 5, the Advisory Committee selected Professor David Kertzer as its chair and Professor Nancy Rosenblum as its vice chair.

The campus Advisory Committee will work closely with the Corporation's Presidential Selection Committee, which is being chaired by Brown Chancellor Alva O. Way. Chairs of the two committees will consult regularly, and the full committees will hold joint sessions as necessary. The first joint session will occur Feb. 15, following the Corporation's regular winter meeting. Both committees will review the full list of nominees. Selection of a new president is the responsibility of the Corporation and is its most important duty.

Campus Advisory Committee

Faculty members, appointed by the Faculty Executive Committee:

Adminstrators, appointed by Chancellor Alva O. Way:

Undergraduate students, appointed by Dean of the College Kenneth Sacks, in consultation with the Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS):

Medical student representative, appointed by Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences Donald J. Marsh, M.D., in consultation with the Medical Student Senate:

Graduate student representative, appointed by Dean of the Graduate School and Research Peder Estrup, in consultation with the Graduate Student Council: