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Distributed March 10, 1997
Contact: Linda Mahdesian

Freeze-drying and other tips

Preservation expert offers advice and resources to flood-area victims

Eric Shoaf, head of the preservation department for the Brown University Library, offers flood victims advice and resources to restore their water-damaged belongings and valuables.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- As flood waters continue to rise in the Ohio Valley and elsewhere, the inevitable problem of salvaging wet books, photos, furniture and other personal belongings awaits the flood victims. Eric Shoaf, who directs the preservation department for the Brown University Library system, offers the following advice.

"Whether it is a natural disaster or a burst pipe, you need to act quickly to stabilize your damaged belongings leading to recovery.... The greatest concern is mold growth. Damp conditions following a flood or leak are perfect for mold spores to bloom. This will happen within 48 hours, so it's important to act quickly to remove excess moisture, separate salvageable items, and prepare them for recovery," Shoaf said.

What to do

What not to do

Resources for help

Shoaf cited a number of large, national facilities, some of which serve individuals as well as institutions, but there are other sources of help as well. "Local universities can oftentimes provide assistance by preservation specialists in the area," Shoaf said. "Another possibility is city or state historical societies, which usually employ preservation experts. Large public libraries [may] have preservation departments with professionals to help."

Shoaf is available for interviews during regular business hours or on weekends by appointment. Contact the Brown News Bureau at 401/863-2476.

American Freeze-Dry Inc.
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Audubon, N.J. 08106
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Blackmon Mooring Steamatic Catastrophe Inc.
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Fort Worth, Texas 76107
800/433-2940, 817/332-2770
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DRS Disaster Recovery Services
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Services: Cleaning of materials, mold removal, dehumidification

Document Reprocessors
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Eastman Kodak Company
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McDonnell Aircraft Company
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Solex Environmental Systems
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