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Distributed April 24, 1997
Contact: Tracie Sweeney

The 1997 Royce Fellowship Program

24 students receive fellowships to advance their research, public service

Twenty-four Brown undergraduates have been selected to receive Royce Fellowships. The program recognizes undergraduates who have gained distinction through research, creativity, service and leadership. The fellowships enable recipients to complete research, curricular development or a public service project. Recipients become lifetime members of the Society of Royce Fellows.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Twenty-four undergraduates at Brown University have been selected to receive Royce Fellowships, which will enable them to complete projects that will take them to such places as a rural hospital in northern India to study the delivery of health care, into a laboratory to design new ways to release beneficial drugs into the human body, and into a women's prison to create a transition program for inmates.

The fellowships are granted through the Royce Fellowship Program, now in its second year at Brown. The program was established by Charles Royce, a 1961 graduate of Brown University and parent of two Brown graduates. Royce, president of Royce Funds, was a University trustee from 1989-1995 and an active member of several committees. He remains active with the Committee on Admission and Financial Aid as a trustee emeritus.

More than 100 students competed for the fellowships, which recognize undergraduates who have gained distinction through their research, creativity, service and leadership. The program enables fellows to complete proposed research, curricular development or public service of their choosing, and confers lifetime membership in the Society of Royce Fellows. The Society of Royce Fellows supports reflection and inquiry by inspiring members to connect their scholarly work with that of their peers and faculty. A group of senior faculty from a wide range of disciplines serve as mentors to the Society of Royce Fellows and help establish it as a challenging intellectual community.

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