99-011 (Janina Montero)
Distributed August 27, 1999
For Immediate Release
News Service Contact: Tracie Sweeney

Janina Montero named vice president for campus life, student services

Janina Montero, dean of student life at Princeton University, has been appointed vice president for campus life and student services at Brown University.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Janina Montero, dean of student life at Princeton University, will join the administration of Brown University as vice president for campus life and student services. Her appointment begins Jan. 3, 2000.

"I'm thrilled that Janina is bringing her wide-ranging skills, commitment to academic values and leadership expertise to Brown," said President E. Gordon Gee, who announced Montero's appointment today, ending a five-month nationwide search. "Her experience as dean of student life at Princeton and as dean of the college at Wesleyan University makes her an unusually strong candidate. She will be an ideal advocate and voice for Brown's students."

At Brown, Montero will report directly to the president. She will be responsible for the Department of Athletics and Physical Education, Office of Student Life, Office of Residential Life, Food Services, Chaplains Office, Third World Center and Sarah Doyle Women's Center. She will also oversee the Admission Office and the Office of Financial Aid, beginning July 1, 2000.

Vice president for campus life and student services is a new position at Brown designed to strengthen leadership in the area of student affairs and improve coordination of student services. The vice president will serve as an advocate for students and their range of outside-the-classroom needs.

"I am looking forward to joining another university that places student life at the heart of its planning process," Montero said. "I am eager to bring together all aspects of student affairs under one umbrella and to support the academic aspirations of the University."

Known for her work to improve communications among diverse groups, Montero has served as Princeton's dean of student life since 1993. There, she is directly responsible for Princeton's student life programs, ranging from athletics to discipline and judicial processes.

Montero was also the first dean at Princeton to formally oversee the work of the offices of athletics, health services and religious life, in addition to student life areas, and to assume policy responsibility in matters involving student housing and dining services. Among her recent projects, Montero has led planning for the construction of a campus center at Princeton.

From 1990 to 1993, Montero was dean of the college at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., where she oversaw programs, personnel and budgets in student affairs and services, and was responsible for reviewing and implementing policies and procedures related to academic undergraduate programs.

Montero has spent her entire career in higher education, advancing from assistant professor of romance languages at Wesleyan to dean of the college. She earned a B.A. in Spanish in 1968, an M.A. in Hispanic literature in 1970 and a doctorate in Hispanic literature in 1973, all from the University of Pennsylvania.