Distributed January 11, 2002
For Immediate Release
News Service Contact: Mark Nickel

Corporation of Brown University elects Donald C. Hood as a fellow

Donald C. Hood, a professor of psychology at Columbia University and a Ph.D. graduate of Brown University, will serve on Brown’s Board of Fellows through June 2012.

PROVIDENCE — The Corporation of Brown University, Brown’s governing body, has elected Donald C. Hood to serve as a member of the Board of Fellows through June 2012.

Hood, who received his Ph.D. from Brown in 1970, is the James F. Bender Professor of Psychology at Columbia University, where he has served as a faculty member since 1969. At Columbia, Hood teaches courses on the relationship between the brain and behavior. His research is focused on the biological basis of vision. Many of his more than 150 publications deal with the basic neuroscience of vision. Others, in collaboration with ophthalmologists concern diseases of the retina and optic nerve.

The Corporation of Brown University is composed of a 12-member Board of Fellows and a 42-member Board of Trustees. It is responsible for establishing broad policies for the operation of the University, for selecting a president to carry out those policies, for appointing administrative officers and faculty members, for managing the funds and holding the real estate of the University. In addition to attending the three regular meetings of the Brown Corporation (October, February and May), trustees and fellows are asked to serve on one or more standing committees of the Corporation and may be asked to serve on ad hoc boards or committees established from time to time.