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Vincent Mor
Protecting Our Parents: New Legislation Takes a Proactive Approach
Public policy, not market forces, should help struggling nursing homes improve. A bill introduced by Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., leads the way by providing a variety of incentives. 04-074 (distributed January 21, 2005)

Kenneth R. Miller
Evolution: You Bet – It’s ‘Just’ a Theory
Of course evolution is a theory – the biology textbook already said so. So why did the Cobb County Board of Education order stickers affixed inside the book’s cover, warning students that evolution is a theory? Kenneth Miller, co-author of the textbook and a witness at the trial in federal district court, has a theory ... 04-073 (distributed January 14, 2005)

William O. Beeman
Widespread fears of gathering Shi’a political strength in Iraq may be unwarranted. Success for the Iraqi Shi’a could help moderate the more extreme political philosophies of the fundamentalist Iranian regime, contributing to the stability of the region. 04-068 (distributed December 23, 2005)

Kenneth Mayer, M.D.
Manifestations of Shiva: The Burgeoning Indian AIDS Epidemic
India, home to one-sixth of the human race, has an AIDS epidemic. Five million Indians are living with HIV infection. The stakes are high; the government is racing against time. 04-067 (distributed December 14, 2004)

Robert Scholes
No Student Left a Democrat
Democrats are said to outnumber Republicans on the nation’s college campuses, both among faculty and students. What might that mean, and what’s to be done about it? It all depends on what is meant by the terms “liberal” and “conservative.” 04-057 (distributed November 19, 2004)

Darrell M. West
Do Cultural + Security Issues = National Republican Era?
An Assessment of Election 2004
In 1896, Republican William McKinley defeated William Jennings Bryan and ushered in a Republican hold on political power that would last 30 years – until Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. Is it possible that Republican strategist Karl Rove is helping history repeat itself? 04-049 (distributed November 5, 2004)

Robert Scholes
Strict and loose construction: A decent respect to the opinions of mankind
The Declaration of Independence was in part an outreach to nations of the world – an international explanation of actions the Americans were about to undertake. What might a strict constructionist reading of our nation’s earliest document tell us about political life in the 21st century? 04-037 (distributed October 13, 2004)

Timothy Rivinus, M.D.
Antidepressants and kids: Safety starts with sound health services
The debate about prescribing antidepressants for children and adolescents has raised many good questions about how research is funded and how results are reported. It has also exposed a misplaced preference for a pharmacological “magic bullet” over a more comprehensive approach that includes “talk therapy.” The real problem is not the pills but a system of mental health care that does not deliver the careful treatment and follow-up young patients need. 04-019 (distributed September 10, 2004)

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