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Ruth J. Simmons and Shirley Tilghman
Post-Katrina: Education Offers a Remedy for Social, Economic Inequality
Educational opportunity can help overcome many of the inequities revealed in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Every college and university owes the nation this promise: that they will do their share to make sure that youth from every community and every economic, racial, and ethnic group has a real opportunity, through education, to become productive citizens capable of helping to solve the persistent social ills that still infect our country. 05-028 (distributed October 5, 2005)

Kenneth R. Miller
Darwin, God, and a Cardinal’s Big Mistake
The assertion that the theory of evolution is inherently anti-God is simply wrong. A 2004 document approved by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, carries a ringing endorsement of the “widely accepted scientific account” of life’s emergence and evolution, describes the descent of all forms of life from a common ancestor as “virtually certain,” and echoes John Paul II’s observation of the “mounting support” for evolution from many fields of study. 05-004 (distributed July 15, 2005)

Ellen Foley
Asking the Right Questions about Providence Schools
Selecting the right candidate for superintendent of Providence schools isn’t just a matter of asking probing questions during the job interview. Listening to questions that the candidates ask will be equally important. Here are a few items to listen for. 05-003 (distributed July 18, 2005)

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