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September 1, 2006
Contact: Deborah Baum
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Brown Students To Get Free, Legal Access to Digital Music

Beginning today, every Brown University student has unlimited access to 1.5 million songs, plus hundreds of movies, videos, and television shows, available to download through Ruckus. Brown is one of eight Rhode Island schools being provided with the service through OSHEAN – the Ocean State Higher Education, Economic Development and Administrative Network.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Every Brown University student has access to Ruckus, an online digital entertainment service, free of charge, beginning Friday, September 1, 2006. Ruckus offers more than one million songs and thousands of videos, movies, and television programs, available to download. A committee of University administrators and students selected the service.

“Brown is pleased to make this legal source for entertainment media available to our students,” said Russell Carey, vice president of Campus Life and Student Services. “We're confident the service will provide a significant benefit to Brown.”

Ruckus is being provided to Brown and seven other Rhode Island colleges and universities through OSHEAN – the Ocean State Higher Education, Economic Development and Administrative Network. Nationwide, approximately sixty other colleges and universities have contracted with Ruckus. The company's agreement with OSHEAN is one of only two deals in the country involving a consortium of higher education institutions.

The service delivers a collection of 1.5 million tracks – for free – to students at participating schools. For a small charge, users can also download thousands of movies and TV shows. Ruckus also provides an online networking opportunity for users through which they can view other students' profiles, share media libraries and friend lists, send instant messages, and leave messages on discussion boards.

During the last academic year, the Office of Campus Life and Student Services partnered with Computing and Information Services to offer free Napster service, supported by a grant from the Campus Action Network, to students living in Brown University residence halls. This year, Ruckus is available to all undergraduate, graduate and medical students, regardless of where they live. Faculty and staff can pay a nominal fee to use the service. To access Ruckus, users will register at or and enter information, including a Brown e-mail address. Confirmation and user directions will then be e-mailed to the e-mail address that was provided.


OSHEAN (pronounced ocean), the Ocean State Higher Education, Economic Development and Administrative Network, is a consortium of nonprofit organizations established in 2000 to foster the development of a communications infrastructure for Rhode Island’s research, educational, and public service communities. OSHEAN is dedicated to creating a stable, cost-effective high-speed network for the use of its members, along with professional services that enhance the productive use of the network. A core component of OSHEAN's mission is the fulfillment of its vision of providing Rhode Island with the most capable statewide communications network infrastructure for the support of research, education, and public service in the United States. For more information, please visit

About Ruckus

Ruckus is the premier digital entertainment network designed specifically for college students. The Ruckus experience blends college students’ top interests – friends and entertainment – to create a strong sense of community at universities across the country. Whether looking for a roommate with similar interests or someone who enjoys R&B as much as they do, Ruckus members are able to find friends through media and media through friends. Today, the Ruckus service is available to hundreds of thousands of U.S. college students. For more information, please go to