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From Martha Mitchell’s Encyclopedia Brunoniana:

College and University Presidents

College and University presidents who have been educated at Brown include nine of the presidents of Brown: Jonathan Maxcy 1787, who was also the president of Union College and the University of South Carolina; Asa Messer 1790; Barnas Sears 1825, who had formerly been the president of Newton Theological Seminary; Alexis Caswell 1822; Ezekiel Gilman Robinson 1838, who had been president of Rochester Theological Seminary; Elisha Benjamin Andrews 1870, who had been president of Denison University and was later chancellor of the University of Nebraska; William Herbert Perry Faunce 1880; and Clarence Augustus Barbour 1888, who had also been president of Rochester Theological Seminary. Six graduates have been president of Colby College; Jeremiah Chaplin 1799, Rufus Babcock 1821, Eliphaz Fay 1821, James Tifft Champlin 1834, Charles Lincoln White 1887, and Benaiah Longley Whitman 1887. Abiel Bolles 1808 and Jasper Adams 1815 were president of the College of Charleston. Two presidents of the University of Vermont have been Brown alumni, Willard Preston 1806 and James Burrill Angell 1849. Angell was later president of the University of Michigan. Willbur Fisk 1815 was president of Wesleyan University. Horace Mann 1819 was the first president of Antioch College. George Whitefield Samson 1839 and Benaiah Longley Whitman 1887 were both president of Columbian College (George Washington University). Samson was also president of Rutgers Female College. Justin Rolph Loomis 1835 was president of the University at Lewisburg (Bucknell University). Edward Hicks Magill 1852 was president of Swarthmore College. Benjamin Ide Wheeler 1876 was president of the University of California. Inman Page 1877, one of first black graduates, was president of Lincoln University, Oklahoma Agricultural and Normal University, Western Baptist College, and Roger Williams University. Hermon Carey Bumpus 1884 was president of Tufts College. Alexander Meiklejohn 1893 was president of Amherst College. The Class of 1894 had three college presidents among its graduates. Two of them were black, and the third was a woman. John Hope 1894 was president of Morehouse College and Atlanta University; John William Beverly 1894 was president of Alabama State Normal School; and Mary Emma Woolley 1894 was president of Mount Holyoke College. Harvey Nathaniel Davis ’01 was president of Stevens Institute of Technology. Vernon Alden ’45 was president of Ohio University. Charles H. Watts II ’48 was president of Bucknell. Warren Ilchman ’55 is president of Pratt Institute, and Robert Corrigan ’57 is president of San Francisco State University.

Presidents of Rhode Island colleges have been John Lincoln Alger 1890 of Rhode Island College of Education, and Frank Newman ’46 of the University of Rhode Island. Brown men who were college presidents in foreign countries are Josiah Nelson Cushing 1862 of the Baptist College in Rangoon, Albert Arnold Bennett 1872 of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Japan, Wilbur Brown Parshley 1886 of Yokohama Theological Seminary, and Francois Jacobus de Villiers of Dower College, South Africa.

The above entry appears in Encyclopedia Brunoniana by Martha Mitchell, copyright 1993 by the Brown University Library. It is used here by permission of the author and the University and may not be copied or further distributed without permission.

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