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WebMD August 23, 2006
Teen sex unsafe even with main lovers
Teens have as much unsafe sex with their main sex partners as they do with their casual sex contacts, according to a study conducted by Celia M. Lescano, assistant professor of psychiatry (research). Similar articles distributed by HealthDay News and United Press International appeared on Web sites throughout the world. The study also was cited on local news broadcasts in several U.S. markets.

Associated Press August 24, 2006
Report: Search for human remains at WTC skyscraper is thorough
Family members concerned that the search for tiny bone fragments on the roof of the former Deutsche Bank building wasn't being handled properly asked anthropology Professor Richard Gould, who also heads a forensic archaeology firm that assists in disaster recovery, to inspect the work on top of the skyscraper, which is vacant. Gould found that "the work being performed here is the best possible under the circumstances.”

Here and Now August 23, 2006
Senate race
Professor of Political Science Darrell West discusses the upcoming debate between R.I. Sen. Lincoln Chafee and his Republican challenger, Cranston, R.I., Mayor Stephen Laffey. “Here and Now” is a weekday production of WBUR and airs on public radio stations throughout the United States.

O Globo (Rio de Janeiro) August 18, 2006
As guerras dos EUA diante do 'efeito Al-Jazeera'
James Der Derian, professor of international studies (research) and director of the Global Security Program at the Watson Institute for International Studies, discusses the use of new media by insurgents. This Q&A appeared in the online edition of O Globo.

Greater Media Newspapers (New Jersey) August 24, 2006
Diegnan has his reasons for introducing bill
N.J. Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan, citing a Brown University study on the speed of balls hit by aluminum baseball bats, has proposed legislation to ban the use of metal bats in school leagues. If passed, New Jersey would have the broadest prohibition on the use of metal baseball bats in the country. This article appeared in a dozen community newspapers serving three N.J. counties.

Minneapolis Star Tribune August 15, 2006
War injuries inspire better prosthetics
Brown University’s research to explore methods of surgery to lengthen bone, as well as tissue engineering to promote healing, is mentioned in this article about how war injuries are inspiring advances in prosthetics. The feature was distributed through the McClatchy newspaper chain’s wire service and appeared in scores of other newspapers.

Science Magazine August 25, 2006
At international AIDS conference, big names emphasize big gaps
Kenneth Mayer, professor of medical and community health, comments on the promising results of a study in which women in Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon used the anti-HIV drug tenofovir. Mayer is the lead author of a study of the drug, which is in phase 2 and 3 trials in Thailand and the United States.

EurekAlert Press Release August 24, 2006
MIT provides first evidence for learning mechanism
Brown neuroscience graduate student Jonathan Whitlock is co-author of a study, published in the August 25 issue of Science, demonstrating that certain key connections among neurons get stronger when we learn.

Brown University Press Release August 23, 2006
Brown's remote T.V. interview studio is up and running
Broadcast media now have quick and easy access to the expertise and informed critical commentary of Brown University faculty. The University has installed a remote broadcast interview facility that can connect faculty experts quickly with broadcast reporters and anchors anywhere in the world. Brown’s Office of Media Relations operates the facility.

Brown University Press Release August 21, 2006
Ten artists present installations at Bell Gallery and List Art Center
The David Winton Bell Gallery and Brown University’s Department of Visual Art present in TRANSIT: from OBJECT to SITE, from Saturday, Sept. 9, through Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006, at Brown University. The collaborative exhibition features a series of installations displayed throughout List Art Center, transforming the modernist architecture of Philip Johnson’s 1971 building into a lively space of diverse multimedia and site-based projects.

Brown University Press Release August 22, 2006
Katherine Bergeron to address incoming students September 5
Brown University President Ruth J. Simmons will officially open the 2006-07 academic year at Opening Convocation, Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2006. Dean of the College Katherine Bergeron will deliver this year’s keynote address to the 2,061 students beginning undergraduate, graduate, and medical studies at Brown. The ceremony begins at noon on The College Green.