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October 17, 2006
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The Times (London)   October 16, 2006
Brown University’s John Donoghue predicts that within five years, the BrainGate device will allow quadriplegics enough control over their limbs to be able to feed themselves using their own hands. Further evidence for BrainGate’s potential has now come from results with two more patients, whose cases Donoghue reported at the Society for Neuroscience conference in Atlanta.,,2-2405400,00.html
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Linux   October 16, 2006
Flapjax, an open source programming language leveraging AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and geared toward easier development of Web applications, made its debut last week. The lead developer is Shriram Krishnamurthi, an associate professor of computer science at Brown University.;193753939;fp;2;fpid;1

Washington Post   October 16, 2006
Kenneth W. Wong, professor of education policy at Brown University, comments on mayoral takeovers of struggling big-city school systems, as proposed by D.C. Democratic mayoral nominee Adrian M. Fenty.

Science Daily   October 14, 2006
Some women who experience moderate-to-severe premenstrual syndrome may benefit from treatment with low doses of anti-depressant medication, according to a new study published in the October issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. The research team included Teri Pearlstein, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior.

Providence Journal   October 14, 2006
Linda Borg reports on a day-long conference on labor management relations sponsored by Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline and Brown University's Urban Education Policy Program. The forum, held at the Providence Biltmore hotel, brought together the mayors of Hartford, Bridgeport and Stamford, Conn., along with superintendents from Boston and Buffalo, N.Y., and local leaders in education and business.
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Providence American   October 12, 2006
Brown University’s Ruth Simmons: Smart, Engaging, and Engaged
President Ruth Simmons reflects on leadership, opportunity, and teaching in this profile in The Providence American. A copy is available on request from the Office of Media Relations.

New York Times   October 17, 2006
Rena Wing, professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown Medical School, contributes to this article about whether weight loss and exercise – or drugs – should be used to help people stave off Type 2 diabetes. Wing helped develop the diet and exercise program for a federal study of prediabetes.

Washington Post (AP)   October 17, 2006
With three weeks to go in a race that could help determine control of the U.S. Senate, Professor of Political Science Wendy Schiller comments on the Rhode Island election.

Brazzil Magazine   October 17, 2006
Luis Fernando Valente, Associate Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Comparative Literature, comments in this second of a three-part series on William Faulkner's presence in Brazil. Brazzil Magazine is an English-language publication dealing with Brazilian politics, economy, behavior, music, tourism, ecology and culture in general.

South China Morning Post   October 16, 2006
As the United States welcomes its 300 millionth resident, Michael White, director of the Population Studies Training Center at Brown , discusses the country’s population trends. A copy of this article is available upon request from the Office of Media Relations.

Columbus Dispatch   October 16, 2006
With the teaching of evolution again under fire in Ohio, state school-board candidates are bringing in their big gun, Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller.

National Public Radio   October 12, 2006
Economics Professor Glenn Loury participates in a roundtable discussion about Latino voter registration and President Bush’s comment on the Mark Foley scandal.

Bond Buyer   October 31, 2006
Standard & Poor's assigned its AA-plus rating to Brown University, which will sell $17 million of taxable revenue bonds tomorrow, along with $50 million of commercial paper notes, rated A-1-plus. The agency attributed the rating to the university's highly selective admissions, its $1.9 billion endowment, healthy liquidity levels, and modest debt burden, according to the rating report.
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Brown Daily Herald   October 17, 2006
The University investigation into an alleged incident of police misconduct that occurred last month found that Department of Public Safety officers were justified in their actions and did not cause injury to the student involved, according to a campus-wide e-mail sent last night.