Brown University News Bureau

Op-Eds distributed through the 1999-2000 academic year

Wendy J. Schiller and Curtis Kelley
The dangers of Trent Lott’s new regime

William O. Beeman
Hafez Assad – a pragmatic dictator

Barry Lester
Fate of drug-exposed infants and mothers rests in Supreme Court

Stephen D. Schenfield
Reading between the lines to understand Putin

Barry Lester
Drug-abusing moms and babies – victims of stigma

David C. Lewis
Justice for Juveniles

E. Gordon Gee and Judith Rodin
Democracy and a new declaration from higher education

James Morone and Elizabeth Kilbreth
The Columbine Laws and the Real World

Brent S. Goodwin
Four Lessons from the Kosovo Conflict

Lewis P. Lipsitt
Where is the Jonas Salk of adolescent violence?

Stephen D. Shenfield
Russia: The Gangsters Are Back in Power

Nathaniel Frank
For improved image, the Pentagon should scrap 'don't ask, don't tell'

P. Terrence Hopmann
Why the conflict in Kosovo didn't have to happen

Robert Scholes
The Angel of Kosovo

Victoria Wilcox
Can we talk? The psychology of secrets

William O. Beeman
Iran is Changing. Can the United States Respond?

David B. Abrams
Using tobacco settlement funds to save lives in Rhode Island

Stuart Gottlieb
Kosovo and the Politics of Self-Determination

Frances K. Goldscheider
Men, Children and the Future of the Family in the Third Millennium

David C. Lewis
On Dignity, Human Rights and Misguided Critics of Methadone Treatment

Phil Brown
Take My Memories, Please: Keeping the Catskills Alive

Stuart Gottlieb
Paper Peace and Intractable Conflicts

Joan M. Teno and Edward Martin
Physician-Assisted Suicide: Let Us Seek the Common Ground

E. Gordon Gee
Godspeed, All of Us: Thoughts on John Glenn's return to space

Daniel O'Mahony
Will future readers have electronic access to the Starr report?

William O. Beeman
Of bombings in Afghanistan, fundamentalist rivals and economics of oil

Ellen Messer and Marc J. Cohen
Time to break the links between hunger and war in Sudan

Brian J. Glenn
Too much too soon: The need for a watchful eye

John Murphy
U.S. health care is not ready for an aging population

Phoebe Koch
Hunger is a man-made disease

Stuart Gottlieb and Martin Malin
The non-debate over NATO Expansion

Robert Scholes
Teach Dreams

Josiah D. Rich and Laura Dokson
Making syringes available would stem RI's high AIDS rate

Jeffrey Kimpton and Marcia K. Sharp
Reasons for Hope, Voices for Change

David C. Lewis
Finally, high-level support for methadone treatment

James A. Morone
A primer on presidential trystory

Kate Norman
Breastfeeding, public or private, is best for mother and child

Jason Klein
Damn the Chinese for damming the Yangtse

Bill Johnson
Education reform is not an 'either/or' proposition

Lewis Lipsitt
Destiny Derailed: Diana

Sasha Torres
Good for You, Ellen, You're Gay!

Abbott Gleason
NATO expansion from the Russian point of view

James Morone
The witch hunt is an enduring political reflex

David C. Lewis
Suspended for possession of Advil: The drug war runs amok

Gilonne d'Origny
Western Sahara takes another step toward freedom

James Morone
The corrosive politics of virtue

Susan Graseck
The election means more than who's up or down

Morris D. Morris
The Changing Condition of the World's Poor

Kermit Champa
Is the Information Age killing static art?

Kenneth Mayer
"Economic Apartheid" and the global AIDS experience

Sergei Khrushchev
The new old Russian president

William O. Beeman
America's unwelcome presence led to Saudi bombing

John Saillant
Pyroracistmania: Why are black churches burning?

Michael Spagat
Trouble ahead: Russia's most talented people are leaving

Amanda King
Why Olestra? Why not sensible diet and good nutrition?

James Patterson
Why the economic gloom? Unrealistic expectations

William Wyatt
State lotteries are by nature corrupt and corrupting

Ellen Messer
Agricultural biotechnologies are neither good nor bad

Peter Uvin
Genocide in Rwanda:What has the world learned?

James Morone
Mother Nature Steals the Republican's Revolution

Abbott Gleason
‘Jack-booted thugs’? We ought to be careful here

Rhett S. Jones
Like any minority group, police deserve fairness

Kenneth Mayer
Presidential leadership for AIDS: A letter to Bill Clinton

Robley Matthews
Global warming? Who cares!

Jarat Chopra
Facing the truth at the United Nations

David Roach
By ignoring student interests, Title IX sets quotas