Brown v. Bentley Scrimmage

Brown University
Providence, RI
March 3, 2012

Brown 35 - Bentley 10

Scoring   Brown Bentley
2nd min try - Bentley 0 5
6th min try - Brown (Friedman) 5 5
12th min try - Bentley 5 10
31st min try - Brown (Turley) 10 10
35th min try - Brown (Turley) 15 10
49th min try - Brown (Turley) 20 10
69th min try - Brown (McGinn) 25 10
78th min try - Brown (Leonard) 30 10
80th min try - Brown (Epstein) 35 10
Final   35 10


This was the first run out this year for both Brown and Bentley. With both teams operating
mainly from what was engrained in them last fall, it was Brown whose memory seemed to serve
them the best. There were no posts as the game was played on the artificial turf behind the
OMAC. Despite the scrimmage situation, the game was played for a full 80 minutes.

After the first 12 minutes of play, it was clear that Brown would have the majority of possession
throughout the game. However, Bentley did well at the breakdown to poach ball from our
tackled players. With no team work done prior to the match, it is clear that the contact area on
offense and defense will need to improve if Brown is to have a successful spring season.

Scrummaging was average at best, however Brown's lineout superiority was the difference in
this match. Five of Brown's seven tries were scored by forwards with senior lock Landon Turley
scoring three of them.

The backline was unable to seize its opportunities with the exception of a beautifully executed
play at the 69th minute which put senior wing James McGinn through a hole for a try.

Referee: Dean Nicholas

First XV Squad

1. Micah Baclig '14
2. Daniel Levine-Spound '12
3. Everett Epstein'13
4. Michael Wharton '12
5. Landon Turley '12
6. Edward Friedman '14 – replaced at 60th min – Chris Latham '14
7. Zach Long '14 – replaced at 65th min – Josh Moses '13
8. Lachlan Stewart '13 – replaced at 8th min for injury - Brent Zajaczkowski '13
9. Matt Leonard '14
10. Zahid Jethani'13
11. James McGinn'11
12. Taylor Peak '12
13. Dow Travers '12
14. Daniel Tondreys'14
15. Manny Koelliker'14 – replaced in second half by Colin Schofield '14