Class of '85 Announces Reunion Team

Class of 85

That's right folks, it is less than one year until our 25th anniversary reunion. I remember looking at the 25th reunion class when we graduated and thinking "damn, those guys look old". Well, the shoe is on the other hand, or the glove is on the other foot now. It's time to wake up the echoes of our past and once more enter the field of battle to prove ourselves worthy. The Class of 1985, 25th Reunion Alumni Reunion Team ! That's right, as a class we form up an entire side of 15 and take on the undergrads. Of course, we'll make sure we play them after they've been tired out a little. Who's with me ?

Top Ten Reasons to Play Rugby at our 25th Brown Reunion

  1. You can prove once and for all to your kids that you really were an athlete in your previous life
  2. To honor the memory of Zucconi who played every year well past his mid-40s
  3. There's nothing like a black eye to get conversation going during a boring meeting that next Monday morning
  4. Tremendous advances have been made in orthopedic surgery
  5. For some players, (Johannes) this may be their last chance to score their first try
  6. As Henry V admonished his troops "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"
  7. The cold beer still helps quickly numb the pain just like it did way back when
  8. Chicks still dig a man in rugby shorts
  9. To get in shape, quit those nasty habits and clean up your act for the next 10 months
  10. We never get tired of see Andrew prancing around the field in his pink and black socks

Jeff Turi Rugby Player, Class of '85 (and Choirmaster)