Northfield, Vermont
September 11, 2010

Brown seems to always have difficulty with Norwich and this past Saturday was no different as the Norwich players, pumped up by their Homecoming crowd, took an early lead and held on to defeat Brown 15-7. Brown needed a hard physical match to prepare for the upcoming Ivy season and Norwich accommodated the Bears with hard straight ahead running and knock down tackles. Weather was no factor in the hills of northern Vermont.

Overall the forwards progressed from the UConn match, but the backs regressed with poor tackling and defense. Two of the three Norwich scores were through the Brown backs where the runner made extra yards after contact. On the plus side, when tackles were properly executed, Brown was able to poach a good deal of ball from Norwich. Brown’s scrums and rucks were well structured and successful. Lineouts needed work but were an improvement from the week before.

Within the first 15 minutes Norwich broke through a missed backline tackle and scored followed by a quick penalty and a score for a 10-0 halftime lead.

Five minutes into the second half, Norwich put the game away. A Norwich player broke with the ball from a maul. Several missed arm tackles were compounded by the Brown wing failing to tackle in the last line of defense.

Although Brown’s continuity was strong and aggressive for the rest of the match, decision making was very poor in the backs and many opportunities lost. For example, a wonderful 60 yard burst initiated by prop Mohammed Abdalah’11 ended with a Brown penalty just short of the line.

The scrimmage referee was Marcel Girouard

1. Mohammad Abdalah’11
2. Daniel Levine-Spound’12
3. Andrew Alvarez’11
4. Michael Wharton’12
5. Ian Fields’12 .
6. David Dean’11
7. Zach Long’13
8. Chaney Harrison’11
9. Taylor Peak’12
10. Zahid Jethani’13
11. Dow Travers’12, replaced by Daniel Tonderys’14 at 54 minutes
12. John Goddard’13, replaced by Travers at 54 minutes.
13. James McGinn’12
14. Jeff Weinreb’12
15. Sam Rabb’11

Brown’s second XV fell behind early then came back but time expired before Brown could finish the job, losing to Norwich 20-15.

Within 19 minutes, Norwich had scored three tries, all unconverted for a 15-0 start. Then within six minutes of halftime, Brown’s scrum half, Adam Engle’12, took a ball from a driven lineout, scoring to close the lead to 15-5. However, two minutes later Norwich scored again for a 20 to 5 halftime lead.

The second half was all Brown. A penalty tap near the line was passed to prop Will Rulifson’11 who bulled over for a try at the start of the half. Ten minutes later, Engle repeated his first half try to close the scoring at 20-15.

The match referee was John Unk.

1. Kevin Durfee’11
2. Cory Freeland’13, replaced at half by Chris Latham’14
3. Will Rulifson’11
4. Martin Bell’12 replaced at the half by Sam Plotner’14
5. Mike Donnell’12
6. Phil McCoy’11
7. Josh Schenkken’14, replaced at the half by Freeland, replaced at 33 minutes Schenkken
8. Sam Plotner’14, replaced at the half by Freeland
9. Adam Engle’12
10. Blair Cameron’13.
11. Peter Kentros’14, replaced in the second half by Peter Aranha’14
12. Rob Bentleyewski’12
13. Brent Zajaczkowski’12
14. Atiuh Cervantes’14
15. Daniel Tonderys’14

The match referee was Danny Saccoccio