Providence, Rhode Island
September 12, 2009

Brown, defeated 22-10 in its second pre-Ivy League fall match, was snake bitten as many good sequences of play were squandered by poor execution or inopportune penalties. As well, the field conditions were very wet and sloppy. It had rained throughout Friday night and into Saturday morning.

Looking very organized and efficient at the start, Brown missed two early scoring opportunities in the 3rd and 4th minutes of play when they drove a lineout in goal and did not ground the ball, followed by a scoring run by center Brad Arlington’10 whose try was disallowed, also for not grounding the ball. After 16 minutes of territorial dominance by Brown, Norwich got within 15 meters of the Brown line and a defensive lapse allowed Norwich to score quickly from a break at the front of the lineout for a 5-0 lead.

Over the next eight minutes Brown got within the Norwich 15 meter line on two occasions, only to lose possession with poor lineout throws. Brown pressure, however, resulted in lock Sam Rabb’10 kicking a penalty kick at the 17 minute mark to close Norwich’s lead 5-3.

At 25 minutes, another defensive lapse at a midfield ruck allowed Norwich a short side break for a 50 meter converted try and a 12-3 lead. Brown, came back and from a 40 meter scrum, attacked the short side with scrum half Taylor Peak’12 passing to fullback R.L. Powell’12, who offloaded the ball in contact to wing Ben Baker’10 for the try, converted by Rabb. With the score now 12-10, Brown gave up a needless penalty for a 15-10 halftime deficit.

In the second half, neither team scored for 30 minutes. However, at 68 minutes, Ben Baker was “sin binned” by the referee. With Brown a man down, Norwich was able to capitalize and score one additional converted try to end any hopes for a Brown comeback and close the scoring at 22-10.

Brown was able, throughout most of the match to control the scrummages, however, Brown’s offensive and defensive lineout work was not sharp or effective. Where Brown might have had an advantage in skill and speed in the backline, the players continued to run the ball directly at the Norwich defense, which, to its credit was very solid. The lack of a tactical change by Brown hurt their chances, and Brown’s ruck defense simply did not show up on the day.

The match was refereed by Judah Boulet


First XV Squad

1. Bob Forrester ’10, replaced as blood sub for 5 min. by Mohammad Abdalah’11
2. Jay Smith’10, replaced at half by Daniel Levine-Spound’12
3. Andrew Alvarez’11
4. Alex Hansen’10
5. Sam Rabb’10
6. Gabe Heiderich’10
7. Dan Levine’12
8. Ben Mossbarger’11
9. Taylor Peak’12
10. Zahid Jethani’13
11. Dow Travers’11
12. Hao Li’10
13. Brad Arlington’10
14. Ben Baker’10
15. Rob Powell’11, replaced by Cole Erickson’10 at the half.


The Brown Second XV played its first full 80 minute match and came up big with a 22-5 victory. Just returned from Swaziland, center James McGinn’12 was dominant as he ran a 70 meter try at the 6 minute mark and then converted David Dean’s’11 try at 23 minutes. At 28 minutes, McGinn passed to left wing Peter Amato’12 who ran 30 meters for a try in the corner for a 17-0 lead. A quick penalty at 37 minutes of the first half by scrum half Dave Riley’10 gave Brown their 22 match points.

With many substitutions, the only second half score was Norwich’s unconverted try, three minutes from full time.

Second XV Squad

1. Mike Donnell’12
2. Daniel Levine-Spound ’12, replaced at the half by John Wang’10
3. Mohammed Abdalah’11
4. Ben Mossbarger’11, replaced at the half by Walker Williams’11
5. Alex Hansen’10, replaced at the half by Evan Jacobs’11
6. Dan Rabb’10
7. David Dean’11, replaced at the half by Ari Nakos’13
8. Zach Long’13
9. Dave Riley’10
10. Ted Orf’12
11. Peter Amato’12, replaced at the half by Carlo Liquido’13
12. Brian Fisher’10, replaced at the half by Peter Amato
13. James McGinn’12
14. Jeff Weinreb’12
15. Han Young Lee’12, replaced at the half by Emmanuel Steg’12

Brown kicks off its Ivy League schedule next Saturday, September 19, with a match at Columbia and on Sunday, September 20, with a match at Cornell. Final kickoff times and field locations are not yet confirmed, however, the Brown Rugby website ( will post these details as soon as we have them. The kick off our first Ivy League competition is a very exciting chapter for Brown Rugby. We hope those of you in the vicinity of Columbia and Cornell will come out to see Brown play.
JF7406-Brown v Norwich 9-12-09