Brown Loses Season Opener to Columbia

Baker's Field
Columbia University
New York
September 24, 2011

Scoring   Brown Columbia
20th min 20th min penalty - Cameron 3 0
37th min 37th min penalty Columbia 3 3
41st min 41st min try - Harrison 8 3
48th min 48th min try - Stewart 13 3
68th min try / converted Columbia 13 10
72nd min try / converted Columbia 13 17


Referee: Scott Riley

Despite eighty minutes of well played rugby, a couple of errors made for a long evening for Brown's Ivy League Opener.

During the first twenty minutes both sides came out aggressively, with Brown setting the pace and keeping the ball just inside the Columbia half. At the 20th minute Columbia was called for a penalty which was converted by Blair Cameron '13. (3-0 Brown)

In the twenty third minute, Brown's Lachlan Stewart '13 was given a yellow card leaving the Bears down a man for 10 minutes. Columbia took no time putting the pressure on keeping the ball in the Brown half for the entire penalty period. Strong defense kept Brown on top at Columbia pounded inside the twenty-two until the Bears were again at full strength. However, penalties again plagued Brown enabling Columbia to tie with a kick in the 37th minute and the score was tied at half. (3-3 Tied)

Following inspiring comments from their coaches and captains, the Bears took the pitch with a roar, charging down the initial kick off deep into Columbia territory. In less than a minute the Bears converted a line out into a beautifully formed maul that proceeded to march, unabated, 35 meters into the try zone as Chaney Harrison '12 put the ball down for the first try of the match. The conversion was missed by Cameron '13 after the ball fell of the Tee on his approach, but the momentum was clearly with Brown as they took an 8-3 lead.

Realizing their strength in the mauls Brown kept the ball with the forwards. In the 48th minute, off another line out deep in Columbia territory the Bears mauled and rucked into the try zone again, with lock Lachlan Stewart '13 touching it down. Blair Cameron '13 missed the conversion. (13-3 Brown).

For the next 15 minutes Brown spent most of the time in the Columbia half of the field. Despite Brown turnovers deep in Columbia's territory, including the missing of a penalty kick and knocking the ball on in the try zone it appeared that Brown had firm control of the match. But Columbia never gave up and patiently pressed on hoping for the unexpected. That moment came in the 68th minute.

After a Brown turnover Columbia had a scrum on their own 10 meter line. Despite strong pressure on their #9 by Matt Leonard'14, Columbia's half back executed a perfect chip just behind the Bears backline and in front of the Bears charging fullback. Fielding the ball off a perfect timed bounce the Columbia wing sidestepped the Brown fullback and sprinted 60 meters untouched to place it down between the posts. The game had immediately changed. After making the conversion kick Columbia was back trailing only by 3 points. (13-10 Brown)

Despite the renewed spirits of the Columbia players, Brown was immediately back in Columbia territory with less than 10 minutes to play. Strong play by the forwards seemed to demoralize Columbia as the Brown offense pounded ahead owning the gain line.

But Columbia never gave up. After stopping a dangerous Brown line out on Columbia's 5 meter when the Bear's tried a back play to the far corner, Columbia seemed to have new life. Shortly thereafter, following a broken Brown play the Columbia center picked up a dropped ball on Columbia 10 meter line and ran a full 90 meters to touch it down again between the posts giving Columbia their first lead of the day with only eight minutes remaining to play. The conversion gave Columbia a 17-13 cushion. Brown was unable to bridge the gap.

Prop: Micah Balig '14
Hooker: Daniel Levine-Spound '12
Prop: Everett Epstein'13
Lock: Lachland Stewart '13
Lock: Michael Wharton '12
Flanker: Zach Long '13
Flanker: Cheney Harrison '12
Eightman: Landon Turley '12
Scrum Half: Matt Leonard '14
Fly Half: Blair Cameron'13
Center: Taylor Peak '12 - Brent Zajaczkowski '12 at the 61st min.
Center: Dow Travers '12
Wing: James McGinn '12
Wing: Khalil Fuller"14
Fullback: Ryan Jones '14

Second XV

A still shocked Brown team took the field in the B-side match for two 15 minute halves before the Bears made the long drive to Cornell that night.

In the 7th minute, after regular pressure in the Columbia half Blair Cameron'13 missed a drop goal attempt, but Brown kept the pressure on and kept the ball in Columbia territory. Unfortunately Louis Solmonson '13 was injured with a ankle sprain in the 9th minute and was forced to leave the game.
Following a Brown line out at the Columbia 5 meter line just before halftime (13th minute), Andrew Alvarez '11 picked the ball and plowed into the try zone. Cameron missed the conversion. (5-0 Brown)

The second half saw some great play from a number of the Brown players as Brown kept the pressure on until 25th minute when Brent Zajaczkowski '12 made a strong individual run from outside the Columbia 22 line that ended with him dragging a few players in to the tryzone at the corner flag. A brilliant conversion from the sideline by Cameron'13 sealed the fate and closed out the scoring with Brown winning 12 to 0.

Prop: Kavin Nunez '15
Hooker: Ian Georginna '15
Prop: Andrew Alvarez '11
Lock: Dave Clark '14
Lock: Louis Campos '14
Flanker: Ed Freidman
Flanker: Chris Latham '14
#8: John Zoppo '13.5
Scrum Half: Tom Flaherty '11
Fly Half: Blair Cameron '13
Center: Brent Zajaczkowski '12
Center: Louis Solmonson '14 - replaced after 5min Khalil Fuller '14
Wing: Alex Greene '14
Wing: Colin Schofield '14
Fullback: Daniel Tondreys '14

JF7716-Brown v Columbia 9-24