Cambridge, Massachusetts

September 26, 2009 

Brown played Harvard competitively for 34 minutes of the first half but then fell apart as Harvard won 69-11.  

Two penalty kicks by fullback Sam Rabb’10 in the third and twenty fifth minutes of the first half sandwiched a converted try by Harvard at 20 minutes to give Harvard a 7-6 lead at 34 minutes. With the match this close at this juncture, it was a complete Brown collapse both mentally and physically that allowed Harvard in 11 minutes to score 3 quick tries and go up 24-6 at the half.  

With the weather about perfect for a fall rugby match, Brown attempted to regroup at halftime, but Harvard took advantage of every Brown miscue and missed tackle, with the Harvard backline scoring 5 more tries in the first 20 minutes of the second half to raise the score to 55-6. 

Over the last quarter of the match, Brown, to their credit, played a bit better, but the game was certainly out of reach as Harvard scored two more tries to go up 69-6. With only a few minutes of time remaining, Brown, deep in the Harvard end took a lineout ball and moved it to center James McGinn’12 who broke through but was tackled. Brown wing Dow Travers’11 picked up the ball at the tackle and drove on, and also was tackled, but flanker Chaney Harrison’11 was on the spot to take the ball over the line for Brown’s only try of the match.  

Co-captain Andrew Alvarez’11 was unlucky not to score a second Brown try a minute later as he drove in under the posts, but the referee denied the try and blew his whistle to end the match. 

The match was refereed by Don Jennings 

First XV Squad 

  1. Bob Forrester ’10,
  2. Jay Smith’10,
  3. Andrew Alvarez’11, sin binned in the second half for 10 minutes
  4. Rall Walsh’10
  5. Mike Wharton’12
  6. Gabe Heiderich’10, replaced for 10 minutes in the second half by Mohammed Abdallah’11
  7. David Dean’10
  8. Chaney Harrison’11
  9. David Riley’10
  10. Zahid Jethani’13
  11. Dow Travers’11
  12. Hao Li’10, replaced in the second half by Brad Arlington
  13. Brad Arlington’10, replaced in the second half by James McGinn’12
  14. Ben Baker’10
  15. Sam Rabb’10, replaced in the second half by Hao Li

Brown Second XV Shut Out

With a number of injuries sustained against Columbia and Cornell, Brown’s Seconds were largely a rookie team, with many players getting their first rugby experiences. Harvard was just too experienced and beat Brown 32-0.  To Brown’s credit, after conceding 27 first half points, Brown held Harvard to one second half try. The squad made progress as the match played out with Taylor Peak’12, Ryan Drebin’12, and James McGinn’12 leading the way. 

Second XV Squad 

  1. Mohammed Abdallah’11
  2. Daniel Levine-Spound ’12, replaced at the half by John Wang’10
  3. Troy Shapiro’10
  4. Mike Donnell’12 replaced at half by Nathan Bishop’13
  5. Martin Bell’13
  6. Dan Rabb’10, replaced at half by Brian Kelly’13
  7. Ryan Drebin’12
  8. Zach Bleckner’12
  9. Taylor Peak’12
  10. Ted Orf’12
  11. Nick Donnias’13  replaced at half by Ari Nakos’13
  12. Peter Amato’12
  13. James McGinn’12
  14. Jeff Weinreb’12
  15. John Goddard’13

Brown continues its Ivy League schedule next Saturday, October 3 at home with a match against Yale. The kick-off will be at 10 A.M. This weekend is Homecoming so come out and enjoy the day and the Brown Rugby match. Go to the Brown Website for directions to the field (BrownRugby.com).