Brown Nearly Upsets Dartmouth

Brown University
Providence, RI
October 8, 2011

Scoring   Brown Dartmouth
11th min try - Brown (Harrision) 5 0
18th min try - Dartmouth 5 5
39th min try - Brown (Harrision) 10 5
40th min try / conversion - Dartmouth 10 12
49th min try - Brown (Turley) 15 12
49th min conversion - Brown (Jethani) 17 12
62nd min try / conversion - Dartmouth 17 19
74th min try - Dartmouth 17 24


Brown played its best rugby of the season, and the team was unlucky to end up on the short side of the score. Starting out strongly, the Bears scored on a driving lineout which they used effectively throughout the match with Number 8 Chaney Harrison'11.5 scoring twice in the first half. Only a defensive tackling lapse on the first half gave Dartmouth a try midway though the period. As the half ended, however, Dartmouth was able to maintain ruck possession near Brown's goal line. Brown's aggressive defense caused too many penalties and Dartmouth was awarded a penalty try which was converted and gave them a 2 point halftime lead.

Giving up such a careless try motivated the Bears to up their intensity in the second half and within 9 minutes, Brown drove another lineout maul over the line where lock Landon Turley'12 scored and fly half Zahid Jethani'13 converted from a wide angle for a 17-12 Brown advantage

Dartmouth's offense however got into gear and although Brown's defense was immense for the next 13 minutes, Dartmouth finally scored and converted for a 19-17 lead.

From this point in the match until the final whistle, Brown, for the most, part kept the ball and the pressure in the Dartmouth end of the field. A Brown backline counter attack was stopped only 12 meters from the line but the bouncing ball landed in the hands of the Dartmouth wing who ran the length of the field for a try to up Dartmouth's lead to 24-17.

Brown shook off this turn of events and, with only minutes left in the match, quickly marched down the field and camped on the Dartmouth goal line. The Bears had a series of lineouts and 5 meter scrum possessions but were unable to push over a tying score, ending the match with so many "what if" questions.

Brown made a giant leap this week in structure, defense, pattern of play and confidence. It is this writer's hope that the Bears can build on this performance through the final three matches of the Ivy League season over the next two weekends.

Referee: Fred Greenaway

First XV Squad

1. Micah Baclig '14
2. Daniel Levine-Spound '12
3. Everett Epstein'13
4. Michael Wharton '12
5. Landon Turley '12
6. Brent Zajaczkowski '13
7. Lachlan Stewart '13
8. Chaney Harrison '11.5
9. Matt Leonard '14
10. Zahid Jethani'13, 5 minute blood sub by Blair Cameron'13 in second half.
11. James McGinn'11, replaced in second half by Manny Koelliker'14
12. Taylor Peak '12 .
13. Dow Travers '12
14. Daniel Tondreys'14
15. Ryan Jones '14

Second XV match
Dartmouth won the Second XV match 62-14. The Bears were no match for Dartmouth which scored 38 first half points and 24 second half points. Brown's Danny Levine-Spound'12 scored a first half try and Lachlan Stewart'13 scored in the second half. Both tries were converted by Blair Cameron'13

Second XV Squad
1. Dave Clark'14
2. Chris Latham '14
3. Kavin Nunez'15
4. Luis Campos'14
5. Mikel Wiggens'15
6. Ian Georgianna'15
7. Danny Levine-Spound '12
8. Brent Zajaczkowski'12, replaced by Taylor Peak'12
9. Daniel Tondreys'14
10. Blair Cameron'13
11. Matt Hart'15, replaced by Patrick Holland-Stergar'15
12. Manny Koelliker'14
13. Khalil Fuller'14
14. Alex Greene'14
15. Colin Schofield'14

JF7723-Brown v Dartmouth 10-8-11