Brown v. Providence Rugby Club

Erickson Athletic Complex
Berylson Field
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island

March 14, 2015: 1:00 P.M.

With snow still piled high around the field turf, Brown faced its second spring 2015 opponent, Providence Rugby. Brown has had the better of Providence in recent years, but today, in a forward dominated match, was out-gunned by Providence’s size and power. The match opened with Providence camped at the Brown end of the field for 10 minutes, with Brown’s defense bending but not breaking.

Brown had some possession but could not retain the ball for enough cycles to create space for the backs. The turnovers affected both teams, as 37 to 40 degree temperatures and driving rain made ball handling very difficult.  Providence’ pressure finally resulted in two first half scores, but Brown had kept Providence’s lead within reach with improved defense.

Brown’s fitness kicked in in the second half of the match. Brown did give up an early second half try to fall behind by 15 points, but then the Bears began to win ball and create space. A break by center Nate Giacalone was passed to wing Ammar Faizullabhoy who ran 40 meters before passing to the supporting Dan Tonderys for a try.

Soon thereafter, a series of winning rucks opened space for center Phil Smith who ran for a try.
Finally a “hot potato” run of at  least 50 yards down the sideline, saw both fullback Tonderys and wing Placid Unegbu each touch the ball at least twice with Unegbu scoring Brown’s very impressive final points.

Although a loss is never acceptable, the team progress this week was notable. If we can keep up the effort at practice, the upcoming 3 match tour to Grand Cayman Island  should bring the team to a better place for the Ivy Conference Playoffs on April 4th and 5th.

First XV
1.         Jared Kay”14M
2.         John Landers’17, replaced by Henry Richardson in the second half
3.         Henry Richardson’17, replaced by Reed Blair’15 in the second half
4.         Jake Rosenfeld’16
5.         Kavin Nunez’15
6.         Eric Guzman’16
7.         Eric Nguyen’16
8.         Alex Hester’16, replaced by Alan Vasquez’15 in the first half.
9.         Joe Paolino’17,  replaced by Thomas Kim’18 in the second half
10.       Tom Keelan’16
11.       Placid Unegbu’17
12.       Phil Smith’15, replaced by Zach Fredman’17 in the second half
13.       Nate Giacalone’16
14.       Ammar Faizullabhoy’16                                 
15.       Dan Tonderys’14M

Brown ties Providence in Second XV Match 5-5

As with the First XV, the Seconds showed some potential after a week of hard training. Everyone played with more purpose. Brown defended very well all game but gave up one long first half score that provided Providence with a short lived lead, until Brian Yang scoring an impressive first half try to even the score at 5.

For the most part this scrimmage match was a chance for a large number of new players to make progress learning the game. The match allowed free substitutions which gave every healthy player a chance to play.

Referee: Danny Saccoccio

Second XV

  1. Alan Swierczynski’18
  2. Mitch Sibley’17
  3. Joel Fortune’18
  4. Jack Olson’16, replaced by Matt Filmer’15 in the second half
  5. Conelley Denton’16
  6. Ben Perez’18
  7. Francis Rosenberg’18
  8. Matt Filmer’15, replaced by Mike Manning’17 in the second half.
  9. Trevor Anesi’18
  10. Guy Edwards’GS
  11. Alex Krotow’15, replaced by Thomas Yim’15 in the second half
  12. Aaron Gottlieb’16
  13. Brian Yang’18
  14. Clarence Mokaya’
  15. Liam Campbell’17, replaced by Nick Ledru’16 in the second half.

Next week Brown will take its Spring Break Tour to Grand Cayman Island for three matches, The team will depart on Saturday, March 21st and return to Brown on Sunday, March 29th. 

The following weekend, April 4th and 5th, Brown will host the Ivy Conference Playoffs where  4 Ivy Teams: Cornell, Brown, Princeton and Yale will compete for a spot in the D-1AA National Rugby Playoffs.  Dartmouth, the Ivy Conference Champion, will compete in the Varsity Cup competition,

Details will be emailed the week of the Playoffs. This is a single elimination event. The first round will be Saturday afternoon, April 4th with Cornell playing Yale, probably at 1:30 P.M. and Brown playing Princeton at 3:00 P.M.

 Come out and cheer on the Bears.


JF8195-Brown v Providence 3-14-15