Brown v. Grand Cayman Select Side

Cayman Rugby Field 
Grand Cayman Island

March 25, 2015: 5:00 P.M.

Looking for a win, Brown came out with energy and enthusiasm and certainly had its opportunities as Brown missed a penalty kick two minutes into the match and also failed to score from five meters in the first five minutes.

Brown did play a much more structured game giving up two converted tries in the first 15 minutes but then defending well through the first half to keep the match within reach. Brown’s first half try was a team effort with prop Jared Kay taking a pass from #10 Dan Tonderys after the Brown forwards had dominated rucks for several minutes. The injury of fly half Tom Keelan at this juncture was a loss but the team stepped up with the next 18 minutes, scoreless until center Phil Smith broke clear for 70 meters with Calum McClelland in support; but the effort was foiled by Cayman at the goal line and Brown ended the half down by 9 points when Brown might have been up by 4 or more. As with all spring tours, team training sessions provide the opportunity for individual and unit skill development without the distraction of winter weather or academics. The improvement by all players between the first and second tour matches was notable.

The first 12 minutes of the second half was all Brown, as the Bears kept the ball and the pressure in the Cayman end of the field. Brown was awarded a penalty five meters from the line with Landers taking a pass for three tough yards and then Tonderys passing to rookie flanker Josh Stern, who bulled over for his first try of the tour.

Brown’s energy level rose in spite of the heat, but the Cayman size and speed reversed the pressure, and Cayman scored twice to extend its lead by 14 points. It was a positive moment, when Brown could have let up, to see rookie left wing Brian Yang break for 70 meters where he stepped out of bounds close to the line. But at that point Brown would take a quick tap with Tonderys getting his third assist, passing to Kay for his second score of the match, ending the contest on a positive note in spite of losing a closely contested match.
The match referee was Justin Colgan.

Brown Squad

.1.        Jared Kay’14M
2.         John Landers’17
3.         Kavin Nunez’15, replaced in the last 10 minutes by Henry Richardson’17
4.         Erick Guzman’16, replaced in the last 10 minutes b Kavin Nunez
5.         Jake Rosenfeld’16
6.         Josh Stern’18, replaced in the last 10 minutes by Erick Guzman
7.         Eric Nguyen’16,
8.         Calum McClelland’16.
9.         Joe Paolino’17
10.       Tom Keelan’16, replaced in the first half by Dan Tonderys
11.       Nate Giacalone’16
12.       Phil Smith’15,
13.       Pete McHugh’17, replaced in the first half by Nate Giacalone
14.       Brian Yang’18                        
15.       Dan Tonderys’14M, replaced in the first half by Pete McHugh


JF8197-Brown v. Cayman Mixed 3-23-15