Brown v. Grand Cayman National Team

Cayman Rugby Field 
Grand Cayman Island

March 28, 2015: 4:00 P.M.

Our final tour match on Grand Cayman Island was against the Cayman National Team, our fifth match in succession against men’s club sides. The wear and tear of these matches has been significant, but we are hopeful that the level of competition has prepared Brown for the Ivy Conference Playoffs on April 4th at the Brown Rugby Field.

Brown went into this last match with several injuries but we had enough healthy bodies to field a Brown team. We were also lucky to have two former Brown Ruggers, Dow Travers’13 and James McGinn’13, who now live and work on Grand Cayman and helped set up the tour, play a bit for Brown in this match and wear the Brown jersey again.

The National Team dominated the first half, although as with the previous two matches Brown had moments of solid possession and continuity. Substitutions by both teams in the second half made the match a bit more competitive but Brown wanted a score against this side and could not finish off any opportunities while conceding 4 second half Cayman tries.

After the match, Cayman hosted a dinner for Brown and made the following awards: Brown Captain, John Landers, was named the Brown “man of the National Team match”, Calum McClelland was “man of the Cayman Select Team match, and Phil Smith was “man of the Mixed Club Side match. Brown head coach Dave Laflamme was presented a Cayman Rugby Plaque.

The match referee was Alasdair Robertson


Brown Squad

1.         Jared Kay’14M
2.         John Landers’17, replaced in the second half by Pete Julian
3.         Kavin Nunez’15, replaced in the first half by Mitch Sibley’17
4.         Henry Richardson’17
5.         Jake Rosenfeld’16
6.         Erick Guzman’16
7.         Eric Nguyen’16, replaced in the first half by Pete Julian’16, replaced in second half by Eric Nguyen.
8.         Calum McClelland’16, replaced in the second half by John Landers
9.         Joe Paolino’17
10.       Dan Tonderys’14GS
11.       Alex Krotow’15, replaced in second half by James McGinn’13
12.       Zach Fredman’17
13.       Nate Giacalone’16
14.       Brian Yang’18, replaced in second half by Dow Travers’13                          
15.       Pete McHugh’17


JF8200-Brown v. Cayman National Team 3-29-15